MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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  • Group 4 project Power Point file and reflection
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    Ezra Halleck

    please comment



    shavon bailey
    group 4
    In my project briding the gap i think the math componets under investigation would be the actual amount of paint that we need to cover the wooden planks we only measure the ssurface area of each wooden planks and the planks are 3 dimentional. Also the hours needed to paint them since there is no way of acutally finding this out because everyone paint at different speeds we just came up with our own problem.

    1.The hardest part about working with a group for me was the scheduling it was hard to try and squeeze time for meesting in between our work and school schedules. most of work so we plan our classes around it with little to no room i between.
    2. i actually enjoyed going to the bridge and measuring the wooden planks, it was a nice day and my partner and i enjoyed eachothers company.
    3. Furstration only because we had to formulate a problem to try an answer the question of how much paint would be needed without any figures.



    Eda Ocello Math 5147
    A.) They learned how many gallons of paint it would take to paint the planks of the Brooklyn Bridge pink. After they have found how many gallons they would need, they did the math of the price per gallon to find the total cost to paint the bridge. They also figured out how long it will take to do so.

    B.i.) The Math part of the project did not make much sense to me. In one of the slides, it had obvious error regarding the estimate of women who get diagnosed with breast cancer and the number of who after who survive it. Also their main calculations did not make much sense to me. It probably would of helped if they showed and explained how they got those results.
    B.iii.) Although their power point contained pertinent information related to their topic, it is to my understanding that power points should only consist of main ideas. Any other secondary or relevant should be discussed in their paper and also during their presentation in classroom discussion.



    Ana Valerio -Mr Reitz
    extra credit part 2

    1. I believe group four learned how to work as a team even though they were frustrated with having to work around each others schedule. They learned how it would be if they were a construction worker having to measure wooden planks. they also learned how many gallons of paint they would need if they were to paint all of the planks pink.
    2. my suggestion to them would have been to find a way to tie the bridge and the breast cancer awareness together in a more tighter way. i don’t get the concept as clear as i should.



    Nahim Mishi
    Prof. Reitz
    Group # 4

    In our project “Bridging the Gap”, one question that I was later thinking about is what if we were to not only paint the planks but also the rest of the bridge pink how much paint would be needed to paint the railing and the rest of the bridge? Another practical question I had was how many men would be needed to paint the whole bridge?
    I. I would have to say the hardest part of this project for me was to actually find times that me and Shavon were free. Since we both had only Tuesdays and Thursdays to meet it was very difficult for us, even if we missed a week we were off schedule.
    II. My partner was great so we got along and she was always understanding of me as well as I was to her. I really enjoyed when we both went to the bridge to collect measurements, we got a chance to see how the project was coming together.
    III. Looking back at the project a lot comes to mind but the most annoying part was when we couldn’t get the word problem right. We tried and tried till be got to a conclusion which later we found was wrong.

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