MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    A. Two questions that could have been further investigated were as follows:
    1. How much weight could a suspension bridge actually hold?
    2. How did the name “suspension bridge” come about?

    B. i. The hardest part about working with a group is gaining contact with the other members, and devoting time to complete the project or assignment. This is because you can continuously reach out to the other members of the group, but they do not respond. Finding time outside of class to complete the assignment is also an issue because students may be busy, feel that they do not have time to meet, or they just never find the time to. Also, another issue with working in groups is that the member(s) may wait until the last minute to complete the assignment then, try to throw things together after you have completed most of the work. It is stressful; especially when your group member(s) show no type of interest or start in the assignment, or wait for others to do all the work.

    ii. The part of the project that I enjoyed the most was conducting research on suspension bridges and creating the powerpoints. I enjoyed this because it was interesting to learn how suspension bridges came about, and what their main purposes were. The powerpoints were not hard to do. It was just a matter of organizing the information.

    iii. Looking back over the project, I feel strongly relieved. I feel this way because it is less stress, and tail-gaiting to ensure that group members get their part of the roject done.

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