MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Ezra Halleck

    please comment


    Diana Guaman
    Professor: Halleck

    In group 2 & 9 they learned about how many people will fit on the Brooklyn Bridge.

    2) They could have draw in their model people laying down in the bridge or used soldier toys to represent people with different heights.
    3) The slides had good information and is very presentable. Also, it has good examples of people heights.
    4) they could have added pictures when the members of the project were measuring the heights of people.


    Zy-Tasia Gaines
    Professor Reitz
    Section: 5148

    In Group 2/9
    A. They learned how to use a survey to find the average width and length of a person to caculate how many people it would take to fill up the Brooklyn Bridge lying down
    B 1. I think their math and science component was really good, it would have been interesting if it was divided up insead of the average person do, the average woman, average man, average child… just to add to the math and science component.
    2. The hands on part didnt really show what the project was about i think it could have had some little stick drawings or small dolls or something to better illustrate the people actually lying down on the bridge.
    3. The powerpoint presentation was very good and informational i think it would have been cool if some pictures of people lying down on the bridge was added or like the comment above included a picture of the group measuring people for the survey.



    Cindy Soto
    Professor Reitz
    Section 5148

    A. How long will it take to fill up the Brooklyn Bridge with people laying down?
    B. i. I think the hardest part of working in a group is not communicating well with everyone in the group and not having enough time to work on things.
    ii. Starting of the power point was a little interesting because it was my first time using power point and i’m glad i know how to use it now because it may help in the future.
    iii. I was angry at first at the fact that my group and I found out we were having new group members really late. I was angry because I wasted time on contacting the people that were suppose to be in my group when I could of been working on the project with the new group members. I think it would of helped a lot if we knew earlier because we would of had more worked done and more time to talk about the project.


    Wilmer Jael

    Wilmer Baez
    Prof. Reitz
    Section 5148

    A. how many people fit in the Brooklyn Bridge Horizontally and how long would it take to fill it up.
    B.I think the hardest part was the communication between group members and also the scheduling because we all have different schedules and it was a little bit hard to get together and talk about our project.
    -I really enjoyed working with the group members because we understood each other once we got togheter and had the chance to talk about the project, I learned a lot and I was affraid of working in group and now I think I am not as affraid as I was before.
    -At first I felt frustrated because our members didnt have time to meet with us and I thought we were wasting our times. But then I got into a new group and I feel so glad that they were in our own classroom and that made it a little bit easier to work.

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