MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Ezra Halleck

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    Extra Credit Part 2 ( Olivia Stewart)

    1. Group 15 learned the different times and commute routes it take to travel to and from school

    2. Hands on- Try and take more photos of you guys traveling to and from school. On the train and on the ferry.
    Powerpoint slides- Explain the graphs on the power point more. Even though I actually heard you guys speak about it in your presentation. But over all I LOVED IT!!!



    Extra Credit part 1. (Yudi Wu)
    a. If r=D/t then who has the shortest or fastest routes to travel to school?
    Does time affects the distance?
    b. the hardest part of working as a group is the schedule. We all have different schedules and it is hard to actually to come up with a time that everyone can meet, Furthermore, we have to work with two different classes, which is even harder.
    What part did you enjoy the most? The part that i enjoy the most, is the project idea. We all like the project idea and we love what we all doing.

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