MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Ezra Halleck

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    Extra Credit part 1:
    The hardest part part while working with my group was the lack of communication with our other group member in professor reitz class. There were countless times were we have tried to contact them and there was never really any response from them thus they did not show up for our presentation. On a positive note i enjoyed working with candice in my group because we both came up with ideas to incororate into the project to make it fun and interesting for the both of us like the brochure we put together. During the project the emotion which came to me most was stress because of the other group members not participating in the project itself but in the end i had fun presenting our project. questions which would lead into further investigation:
    1.) Approximately how many miles is it from each mode of transportation to the brooklyn bridge?
    2.) how much money would it costs to make a bridge like the brooklyn bridge today?

    Part 2:


    candice W

    1. If the caissons were made out of wood, wouldn’t they rot/decay after years of being submerged in mud?
    2. What can this bridge tell you about the era in which it was designed?

    i. The hardest part in working in a group was most definitely communicating with my other group members, but aside from that, just having everyone in our group from prof. Reitz class contribute an equal and fair amount of work into the project was just as hard. With that, having to rely on other people was tough because working in a group coincides with teamwork, which is a combined action of a group of people working efficiently and effectively as one. This was not the case in my group and therefore was hard to deal with.

    ii. The part of the group project I enjoyed the most was the end because I didn’t have to deal with this stress anymore. But more importantly I enjoyed working with Bibi because we both put together a lot of work in completion for our project and presentation.

    iii. Looking back over the project, the emotion I felt, most strongly, was in between a mixture of both irritation and annoyance because this project was more of a hassle to get down then being fun and innovative.



    Aubrina Halley
    Professor Halleck
    Sec: 5147

    This group learned why many people are attracted to the brooklyn bridge. I really like this group’s idea and powerpoint presentation. To me it was the most unique. They can improve on math component make it clearer and expound on it more. Similarly with their powerpoint slides on the math. It could be improve on same aspect. Overall it was really good.


    Wilmer Jael

    Wilmer Baez
    Prof. Reitz
    Section 5148

    A. I learned why the Brooklyn Bridge is such a great attraction to tourist. I also learned that the Brooklyn Bridge was called “The eight wonder of the world”. Also I learned that it was the first suspension bridge to use steel for its cable wire and “pneumatic caissons.”. I learned also from this work and from the lady in the room that it wasn’t called the Brooklyn Bridge but the New York bridge and that the government later changed it.

    I think it was an awesome Idea to go out and ask people why they visit the Brooklyn Bridge because in that way we have an Idea of what people think of the brooklyn bridge.

    B. To Improve your work and your slide I think it would be nice if you add more interviews from people because in that way you have more opinion and can make a better conclusion of your work.
    Also I think it would be good if you make a conclusion in general of why are the main reasons that people come and visit the Brooklyn Bridge and how people seee the bridge.

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