MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Ezra Halleck

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    Extra Credit part 1
    The hardest part part was the lack of time and the sudden notice that our other group members dropped the class. This in a way hurt us in a bad way, because we had the project planned out. After knowing they dropped the class we had to reorganize the project and slightly change it around. On a positive note i enjoyed the experience of working with a goup and knowing i was able to finish a group project. This project helped me in many ways i had to enhance my geometry skills so in a way this helped me with studying for the final. During the project the emotion which came to me most was stress because of the other group members giving a short notice in telling us they dropped the class.



    Nahim Mishi
    Sect. 5148

    1. From what I see they learned the key architectures of the bridge since they made a model with toothpicks themselves. They also got to look at the math put behind the Brooklyn bridge.
    2. I feel that they did a good job with the PowerPoint but the model could have been better. It needed a little more work other than that it was a good project.



    Jonathan Ramroop
    Section 5148
    Extra Credit Part II

    1) Group 1 learned how engineers build stable structures such as bridges.
    2) Hand on- if there was one thing I think that this group could improve on is they should take more pictures so we could see the different stages of how they made the bridge model. Only the beginnig stage was shown, not the middle or end.
    PowerPoint Slides- They should have limited reading straight from the slides and maybe practiced presenting before so that they would be able to present more smoothly and fluently.

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