MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Jonas Reitz

    Any thoughts on the class so far, how it’s organized, the lectures, the labs, and so on? Things you like? Things you don’t like? What’s works for you and what doesn’t? This is a good place to let us know what makes you frustrated or tell us what you like. Your honest feedback will be taken seriously.



    First of i like how thurl prof Reitz explains things. He doesn’t just rush through the material. Often we don’t even finish the class assignments and that’s because we take if you want to call it “baby steps” but that’s needed especially for a class like ours since non of us are geniuses when it comes to the subject of the matter. I definitely like the group work because it helps understand. Not only do we interact with each other and get to know each other but we also help each other out a ton. At least i find that to be true with the some of the colleagues i worked with so far.



    i think your skill of teaching is by farway differwent from any other mather teachers i ever came across, you take time to fluently explain the work and i like the fact that we do alot of handd s on activities.


    Wilmer Jael

    I think this is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken because it keeps me focused and interested in the topic. Because the professor is funny, and also I can understand most of the material without having any problem. I like the way prof. Reitz explain the class and go over problems until we understand them if needed.

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