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Dental Hygiene
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If dental hygienists were superheroes!!!
If dental hygienists were superheroes, the world would be a better place!
There would be no toothless people and everyone would have a smiley face!
There would be no gingivitis or arthritis because the superhero would cure them all!
And, in addition, the superhero would play with gusto the rock-and-roll!
The superhero would find a mirror and show us how to floss!
The plaque score would be zero and root canal would not be on our blog!
No implants, no dentures, no crowns, or HIV anymore,
The superhero would kick them all out and tell them not to come back anymore.
The tooth brushes and rinses would be for free
And interdental brushes would follow them agreeably!
The superhero would teach us what to eat
So there would be no more cavities on our teeth!
The superhero would fly all over the world
To help all those people with wound,
To make sure no insurances are in charge
And that all people are equally judged!
If only dental hygienists were superheroes , the world will be a better place!

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