Lucas Lopez’s ePortfolio

Lucas Lopez’s ePortfolio
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Communication Design
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Lucas is energetic, creative, caring and imaginative. He passionate about illustration who is fascinated with design, communication and how other people think. Before returning to school as a full time Communication Design student Lucas provided direct services to trans and gender non-conforming New Yorkers as a Trans Health Patient Navigator at APICHA community health center in lower Manhattan.

Lucas was drawn to study Communication Design at New York City College of technology to pursue a more fulfilling and creative field of work. He is passionate about illustration, making typefaces, branding, logos and packaging design. Lucas hopes that through design, advertising and understanding other’s thought processes he can educate and create positive change.

While in school Lucas has been supporting himself while school through attaining the New York City Excelsior Scholarship and working as a child caretaker. He spends his spare time collaborating on a Zine related to healing from eating disorders in the transgender community and advocates for gender inclusive bathroom accessibility on campus at New York City College of Technology.

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