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    Hi Astrid,

    I agree with you that the main concern is that kids don’t tend to write out the whole word or phrase and can forget how to spell some words and that it can affect their grammar. I have also heard the same thing about teachers complaining that students are not writing out the full words when it comes to literacy. I think its important to teach the future the proper way to write and for children to also incorporate actual words into texting.



    Your post to task 1 of this module is a timely response on the same day the task was posted which is very good. One acronym you mentioned is NASA, a space agency, which spells out to be “National Aeronautics and Space Administration.” I use acronyms to shorten word length, but make sure to make the reading understandable. It is essential to determine the best moment to use acronyms to ensure clarity of communication. Acronyms are used in professional and personal environments to shorten a word for faster messaging.



    1. An Acronym is a series of letters from the initial words forming a shorter word that is pronounced as the initial word. Some examples of an Acronym are ASAP, LOL, WYD, WTH, WRU, BRB.

    2. I do use acronyms when I text. To the point where I find myself typing a document at work and typing acronyms not realizing to then having to go back to change. My text messages are mostly composed of acronyms. Some acronyms I use are U-you, BRB-be right back, TTYL- Talk to you later, PLZ- Please, ILUVU- I love your, ETA-Estimate time of arrival, OMG – oh my god. I use plenty but these I use often.

    3. I think people object form using acronyms because it takes away from language. We get used to using the acronyms and the short abbreviations and we forget about proper language, grammar and we forget the proper spelling of words.

    4. Using acronyms sometimes can misconstrue the point you are trying to get across. Some people might now know that the breviation might stand for and some people might just think you are short talking and don’t have time to talk.It’s definitely not good to use while texting people from work.

    5. In my family, we use acronyms for family names. My cousin’s name is Adaliz and we call her ADA, My boyfriend’s name is Andrew and some people call him Drew. My good friends name is lucynel and we call her lucy.


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