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    Hello everyone!

    Module 7 is everyone’s favorite: Gender Talk. It examines the constantly perpetuated myths about women and talk. The power point the book chapter (Ch8) debunk the myths. Here are some initial introductory questions for you to think about and respond on this thread.


    1) Observe you family members: who do you think talks more?
    2) Do you give compliments? Can you provide an example of a compliment you would give to a mail and a female friend.



    As I observe my family members I notice my dad talks the most, mostly on the phone for business but he talks a lot! and secondly comes my younger brother. And i do give compliments to a female friend I might tell her she looks pretty and to a male friend I do not give compliments much but I would say I like the way you dressed today.


    lilian E

    In my household. My mother talks the most. she has big mouth and loud! hahahahah. she talks just because. My father is more the observer. Very intelligent man. she speaks wisdom and knowledge into us. His words are very powerful and has a big impact on our life.
    I do give compliments to my fathers and brothers , I tell them all the time how well they dress, how smart they are, and how handsome they look. I compliments my female friends about how nice their nails and hair look. or how lovely they look at that time. i think compliments is a good thing to help lift a person spirit and build a positive attitude.



    This is an observation that we fight about all the time in my family. I say it’s in between my sister and mother that talk the most. I feel like they don’t like quiet time, haha. I do give compliments all the time. I actually love giving compliments. I compliment people at work on their outfits or if they gave a great presentation. I actually try to give compliments a lot to my associates about their work. I’ve complimented males as well, like my brother he likes to work out to ill let him know how great he’s looking or when we run together what a great job and push he did. I like complimenting especially because I know it’s uplifting and motivating.


    Chanell Perez

    In my family, when it comes to my husband and I, I speak the most. I have noticed that women in my family also speak the most. We are very talkative. Men not so much. When I called my father, he usually goes straight to the point I don’t spend more than 10 minutes at the phone talking to him (which I love), but if I am talking to my best friend, or my sister, we can spend hour and hours talking without noticing.

    I tend to give compliments to everyone if there is something I like. i.e: When giving a compliment to a female, I could say “OMG! How cute! I love your hair today! What did you do?!

    For a male would be like: Oh wow “such and such” look at you today. You look very good. I like the style you’re using today.



    When observing my family and who talks the most it varies. I notice my younger brother talks the most out of everyone when he’s just having a conversation with people but my mom takes a lot of phone calls for work so she talks the most in that aspect. If she didn’t have to take all those calls she would not talk the most. If I give compliments to a male it’s usually on their outfit or if they got a new haircut I will compliment them on that. If it’s a female it is also on their outfits but more likely on their appearance because they usually put more effort into their look with hair and makeup then males.



    I believe my mother talks more because she talks about how was her day. I give a compliment when I see something cool. If I see something cool I would say it is awesome, nice, or interesting.
    To a male friend I would say “This is cool” to something he did like climb a rock or do a trick. To a female friend I would say “You are awesome” to something she is wearing.


    Astrid Marroquin

    In my family it’s neck and neck with my mom and dad actually, my mom talks a lot in person but my father is always on the phone talking to family members and friends. Now comparing my brother and I, I would say my brother talks more, I am naturally quiet but I do have my moments were I don’t know how to shut up. Come to think of it I don’t really compliment people unless I know them, there are times when I do compliment strangers but it’s actually rare, it’s usually a girl because the last time I complimented a guy that I didn’t know on his sneakers and he thought I was flirting and he didn’t stop trying to talk to me. So I usually don’t say anything and mind my business with strangers, now with people I know I compliment the men and women equally honestly, with men it’s usually sneakers and haircuts and sometimes outfits/ accessories; and with women is the same thing.



    As I observed my family I realize that some of the males talk more than the females. It’s been said by many that females talk more than guys. In some situations it is true that females talk more. The females in my family talks a lot when there is a misunderstanding and they believe to be right. It could take them a while for them to stop talking. And the males in my family talks a lot when they feel a situation is petty. The males will keep talking till they feel there is no need to keep talking.

    I rarely give compliments about something or anything. I’m do not get impressed easily but when I do then I give out compliments. I normally give complements about how someone thinks and analyzes a situation. It could be in the form “ I like how you took your time to understand the problem before trying to fix it”.


    Laura Ramirez

    I live with my boyfriend, my sister in-law and my two little nephews. Of them all I think my sister-in law is the one that talks more. She’s always in a good mood, is always saying positive and funny comments to make us laugh. I do like to give compliments, especially at work, I like to compliment that staff I work with when they accomplish a difficult task, and my patients when they meet any health goals that I plan for them, and I compliment my nephews all the time too. When I compliment a female friend, is usually about her hair or her nails things like that. When I compliment a male friend, is about a skill they perform well at the job, or I like to compliment sneakers since I ‘m a fan of these type of shoes.



    My husband talks a great deal but it’s generally business related. He comes in the house in the evening on the phone and after his morning shower the phone starts again. I talk more about random things like how my day went, and who said what at work. Of my siblings, my sisters and I talk MUCH more than my brother. I am free with compliments. Generally, when I compliment women it’s about their personal appearance or how well they did a job at work. For men, my compliments tend to be about their clothes and also how well the completed a job.



    in my family the women do mostly the talking, they call everyone and talk about everything that is happening in their especially my sister and mother they can talk a lot. I always tell them they talk too much. I do sometimes give compliments to people and my friends. for example for my female friends, I will them I like their outfit to they looking cute today, and for guys, I don’t really them to their face I tell my friends unless I really know these guys then I said they cute and I like their outfit.


    Hello Students!

    Wow! What an interesting selection of responses! Truly amazing. Very observing!

    This is one of the best post threads I have had in this class. It shows real life variety: that actually the amount of talk is not necessarily tied to gender, but to individual personality, circumstances and people’s needs and inclinations, right?

    Some of you said that your mother talks the most, but it depends what it is: the talking when one feels upset is well documented and some linguistics say that women try to ‘resolve’ problems and they need explanation and solution! Men, according to some linguists, just say what they they think and feel the topic is ‘over’. This can upset women who wish to be problem-solvers.

    Some other said that they give compliments to men on their ‘skills’ and women on their ‘looks’. This is the most prevalent pattern observed in many cultures. Perhaps, this is tided to societal ways of rearing two groups differently. But linguistically, we know that women tend to give longer compliments, such as: “What a lovely bag! Where did you get it?”

    Men use ‘clipped’ compliments such as” Nice car” or ‘good throw’. Most compliments among men, in traditional linguistic research seem to be about work, or skills or sports or some sort of achievement. This may have its roots in the past when women by and large stayed at home. Thus, the only people who had education, skills, jobs, or can hold bank accounts were – you guessed it – men! So language has been changing to accommodate modern women’s accomplishments, but perhaps not fast enough. It still reflects stronger compliment giving among women, by women or women to women, and men to women.

    Some of you showed ‘new or learned’ language patterns of how to ‘give compliments’ based on achievement or some special goal reached. This is part of more recent efforts to support and encourage children and others by using supportive, positive language and focusing on personal and professional growth.

    I just love language. It never stops surprising me. Some of our preconceptions seem to hold, but most don’t.

    Thank you for such great entries!
    Prof. A

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