Eliana Placencia

Paper 1 


  Without knowing it nonverbal communication has become an everyday thing to most of us. Using nonverbal Communication is important because it lets us express ourselves in a way that speaking does not. This refers to gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, body language, posture, and tone of voice. Therefore there are many ways to communicate nonverbally. Not only is nonverbal communication important because it lets us express ourselves but it is also important because it lets us engage more. For a lot of people this is something they do all the time and don’t even realize it. And believe it or not nonverbal communication can be even more important than verbal and that goes to show a lot. In this essay I will be introducing many ways and examples as to why nonverbal communication is even more important.  


Something that’s really important to understand is that nonverbal communication can be different depending on one’s culture this article by Shraddha Bajracharya, “Verbal versus Non-verbal Communication,” in  Businesstopia,https://www.businesstopia.net/communication/verbal-vs-non-verbal-communication. states “nonverbal communication can be different according to place, culture and individual preferences” The reason I am saying this is important is because while using nonverbal communication with a person from a different culture some things might be considered disrespectful or they might be considered okay but you never truly know and you do not want to give off the wrong message. One example I wanted to include would be the article“https://online.pointpark.edu/business/cultural-differences-in-nonverbal-communication/“ the author states “Touching children on the head is fine in North America. Yet in Asia this is considered highly inappropriate as the head is considered a sacred part of the body.” And “ in the Middle East the left hand is customarily used to handle bodily hygiene therefore using the hand to accept a gift or shake hands is considered extremely rude”. I think it is very important to learn about others’s culture because we understand things like this which are very important. In the article : https://www.skillsyouneed.com/ips/nonverbal-communication.html the author states  “Non-verbal signals can give clues and additional information and meaning over and above spoken (verbal) communication. Indeed, some estimates suggest that around 70 to 80% of communication is non-verbal!” Which goes back to when I mentioned it can be even more important than verbal, Most people think expressing themselves through non-verbal communication sends the same message they wanted to convey through verbal communication. 


Let’s talk facial expressions, This is a huge proportion of what nonverbal communication is. As much as certain things can be different around the world, the facial expressions for when you’re happy, surprised , angry, or sad all seem to be similar. Things like, crossing your legs or arm crossing fall under the body language and posture category. Some people might find the leg crossing offensive and some think it’s good to do so. Crossing your arms could be a sign or being angry or impatient but it can be anything so this is something that you need to be able to figure out through paralinguistics which refers to “vocal communication that is separate from actual language. This includes factors such as tone of voice, loudness, inflection, and pitch.”  Which is also very important when trying to express yourself non-verbally. Eye contact can be important but also have to keep in mind not every culture thinks of eye contact as you listening and paying attention, some find it to be ignorant. For example in cultures like the Japanese culture tend to not maintain eye contact as this is considered disrespectful however Americans find not making eye contact a sign of someone not being in 


Non verbal communication is something we do in our everyday lives even without noticing it. It plays an important role in the way we want to convey certain ideas. It gives us more information than just verbal communication and shows us how a person might truly be feeling. Paying attention to and understanding non verbal communication is something you learn at any point in your life and we should all be able to do so. 



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