Astrid Marroquin 

Paper 1 

June 15 2020






      Everybody has something say, and have their own unique way to interpret something also comprehending. People’s delivery on speech is different from each other and it’s very interesting, because we all use non-verbal communication, speech acts and facial expressions. I have observed a couple of people in my family and in TV shows and definitely the demographics have a lot to do with the way they think and react to things which conveys the way they use gestures and facial expressions. 

      The very first one that I will be talking about is my younger brother which is fifteen and is in high school. He is latino and lives with me so I know how he is in the outside world and inside. He is actually very mature for his age but he still young so his immature side comes out a lot, but he can definitely hold a serious conversation, he is also still trying to figure who is…his purpose, so he does question certain things but he is wise for his age. With regular conversations about celebrities or school work and etc…he just keeps a serious face but does use hand gestures while he speaks and when he is trying to explain something he does use gestures to emphasize what he is talking about. Most of the time when he does talk he uses gestures but when he does it’s in a “whatever, it is what it is” or “uncertainty” type of way…he actually shrugs his shoulders slightly when he does the “what” hand gesture or any other. Now with what’s going on right now, covid and protesting we do have a lot more conversations about what’s going on. And when we do, he seems a lot more curtain when he speaks and actually uses less hand gestures but does more facial expressions than usual, when you hear him talk about these two topics, especially the protesting and deeper into it he sounds passionate in a way, and shows the emotion towards the words that are coming out of his mouth. I guess that goes with anybody, when you are serious about a certain topic, when you speak on it you show how much you care and how you feel towards it. Even though he is young and still finding himself, he does know how to distinguish right from wrong in every aspect and stands for what he believes in with confidence and speaks from his chest. I love that about him, and proud he sticks up for what he believes in and doesn’t let others influence him to change his mind. 

             The next person I observed was Penelope but people call her Lupe/Lupita in the Netflix sitcom “One Day At a Time,” the episodes I focused on was Episodes nine and ten in Season three. She is a mother of two, ages between fourteen and seventeen. The youngest is a boy and the oldest is a girl, they are both going through adolescence and the girl is actually bisexual and the boy is experimenting with drugs and friendship. They are a Cuban-American family and Penelope which is the mother is a divorced Army Veteran, and has her mother move in to help raise the kids and is real close with the building manager, he is basically family. They live in LA, and they all have different perspectives on life, Penelope’s mother  is very old school Cuban so her way of thinking clashes with Penelope, with everything going on Penelope actually suffers anxiety and depression, but tries to act like she is all good. She uses a lot of facial expressions, specifically eyebrows…she usually makes a face for everything and her faces tells you what she is about to say before she even says it. She is very expressive with her hands, she is very loud and bold and speaks from her chest but in certain times even though she might sound clear and loud, her face and tone tells you what she really feels. Penelope can’t really hide how she feels because she is so expressive when she speaks. 

          The next person I observed was my father, he is in his late fifties and is hispanic-American and came to this country when he was twenty-two years old and never looked back, so he has been living in the U.S. for more than thirty years basically a life time. He lived in LA for a couple of years and then moved to NY, his way of thinking was  always different from the rest of the family, he never wanted to settle in life. In other words he never wanted to just settle for a regular job, a job he didn’t like and just pass by life. He was always determined to live a life better than what he lived and wanted his kids to live a life better than he ever did. He finally did find a job he loves which is being an electrician and does live his happily ever after with my mom and with us, he did achieve most of the goals he set for himself. Besides all of this, my father is strict and very serious and a strong believer in God. My father speaks to me different from my brother, in certain conversations my father has a tone of overprotectiveness and fatherly, for example when we are having an argument he cuts me off, doesn’t listen to everything that I say and we often just clash….him and I have a very similar attitude and same amount of tolerance so we clash a lot, we both stand what we say and often don’t give in; we are both stubborn. But when we are having an argument his tone changes, his everyday tone is more of a serious guy but can have any type of talk with, a lot of people when they first meet him are scared of him because he isn’t a bubbly person, he looks mean and like I said is very serious and has a very asserted way of speaking. So when we do have arguments he frowns his forehead and his little accent disappears out of nowhere, and he gets a bit louder and his hand movements get a little bit in your face, so it feels like he is about to fight you or definitely tell you off. He is old school and brings up God in everything, when he is talking about God his tone is more gentle but still serious and you just know that he knows and believes what he is saying. 

         Everybody that I observed is different, and age and lifestyle has to do with it. Everybody I observed is latino and I did that purposely to see if I saw any similarities, I did when it comes to personality and maybe certain behaviors but way of thinking and speaking is a lot about lifestyle and what you were taught growing up. Emotions and personality and the topic you are talking about determines the non-verbal communication and speech acts, conveys how much you care for the topic and knowledgable and comfortable with the topic. 




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