Module 4 Task 4  




The first observation i will be doing would be from a quick 10 min video on youtube on the show Friends.


As the clip begins it starts off with the character Chad, Brown hair wearing a suit and tie giving a kiss to the character Monica Short black hair red long sleeve. As he does this he seems very surprised so he raises his eyebrows, gives a stare to the floor i would say and his eyes get wider. The character Monica seems confused as well as the character Rachel, blonde hair and braid with colorful strings with a very shocked face. All you hear in the background during the first few seconds would be the laughing sound during TV SHOWS. 


The same clip there is also a character of an old man with small glasses, white hair and a Tuxedo As someone questions him asking “you ate my sandwich?” he replies “it was a simple mistake it can happen to anyone” he uses his hands as he speaks he opens his hands as he says it was a simple mistake and raises his eyebrows and smiles. However he does use his hands a lot while speaking.


The character Ross wearing a brown Tuxedo, has dark brown hair seems frustrated and as he speaks he uses a lot of hand gestures to point at himself when he says “ME” and is squinting his eyes while asking questions about his sandwich the old man which was the character i spoke about before is explaining to him he threw out his sandwich and ross touches his eyes and puts his hands on face as he says “you threw away my sandwich” with his tone getting louder and louder. meaning he felt pretty frustrated. But the facial expressions made that very clear.


I am in the living room as my mom, a 42 year old, Dominican Woman who grew up in New York, speaks to my grandmother about things that are going on in the family. As my mom speaks on the phone she seems to be having a sort of oh well it is what it is moment as she shrugs her shoulders and raises her eyebrows. As she is speaking she is using her other hand to tell me to put my dog on the couch. I told her I am doing something right now and she swings her arm like “whatever”.  She goes on and continues to speak and rolls her eyes as she says “they never listen” seems in a “i don’t care” mood. 


I am going to my brother’s room to watch him play video games as I write this. He is sitting in the chair with his controller in his hands. He is 12 years old, Dominican background but born and raised in Queens, New york.  My brother seems to get angry every time he misses a shot as he plays a basketball game, he gets up from his chair and says “omg i keep missing” then hits his thigh gently with the controller. Seems frustrated to me but he makes faces as he’s playing like he seems to be focused on what he is doing which he isn’t with school work (: but he has his eyebrows down and squinting his eyes as someone who is angry. I get up and move to the next person which is my father 


My dad, a 39 year old Dominican Man, Born and Raised in the Dominican Republic but has been in the US for years now. Is making schedules for the people working for him at the moment on the laptop but he is also writing things down and highlighting, he seems to be repeating the same things he is writing down and making sure he repeats it one more time as he types it in the laptop and i asked him why and he says it’s a better way to make sure he doesn’t make mistakes, i say okay and continue seeing what he is doing. At this point he is asking me what i am writing and I tell him it’s a linguistic report which I’ll explain later. My dad is currently making phone calls, he doesn’t do much facial expressions but he does move the one hand that’s not on the phone way too much. 



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