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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Greetings from the AAC&U conference: Disruptions, Innovations and Opportunities.

    Jonas and I are thinking and learning a lot about ePortfolios and how an ePorfolio can best reflect student learning. If you are planning to incorporate student reflection in your teaching could you do this with an ePortfolio? What inquiring question about your course would you ask? What aspect of learning would they reflect on? How will you integrate what you are learning from the assignment into your course?

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    Phil Mitch

    Hi Prof. Karen,

    I think you can use an ePortfolio to reflect student learning of a professor’s teachings. I dont really have much to say on this topic other than to show you the ePortfolio I made during my advanced career writing course with Patrick Corbett.

    Also, I’d like to inform you that this the Fall 2013 semester’s work. Since then, because I felt so much more confident in writing for my career I have done many other things such as speeches on writing in my field, a lot of blogging, written client proposals, contracts, thank you letters, and contract termination letters, and I’ve landed more client work because I knew how to write a proper email!

    (Thanks Patrick Corbett!)


    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Phil, I wish I would have seen this post sooner. Prof. Corbett is an inspiration to me too. It is great that you were able to explore your thoughts and express them through the work he introduced you too.

    I did look at your portfolio of designwork, you minimalistic approach is apealling and professional. Hopefully you are finding great success after graduation, you seem well prepared to make your mark on your chosen field.


    Patrick Corbett

    And here I am now too!

    One of the things I appreciate the most about coming to City Tech, is the number of people (faculty and students alike) who have changed my perception about the world and my place in it. If we can inspire each other, we will change the course of all our lives in a way that will reverberate into our larger communities.



    Harry Shapiro

    I love the idea of portfolios although my students haven’t always.. still, there is a question of the tension between one that is private and their for very safe, vs. one that is public and therefore encourages all our best work.

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