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    Harry Shapiro

    Putting Blogging into your Syllabus
    During the Feb 27th meeting there were some questions about instructions for students in regard to how they should post, comment, etc. for blogging or discussion assignments.<p>
    <h2>Here are some blog/discussion excerpts from my syllabi.</h2>


    Harry Shapiro

    Instructions for an online discussion created within a single thread.
    How do we cut theft while making guests/staff happier? 

    All posts go into this single thread.. 

    All students are required to complete this assignment before Sunday March 8th. There will be a SINGLE thread for this assignment.

    Note: ALL students need to POST one time to this discussion. You have until 11pm on Sunday to make your post.

    Rules: This is a discussion..  you need to read what your classmates have said, and respond, adding to it, making observations.. No credit is given if you simply repeat what someone else has already said. You need to ADD to the discussion.

    Background: You are a member of the Hotelier Society of San Diego (HSSD), which is affiliated with the California Hotel and Lodging Association (CHLA). You are one of a few select members of the HSSD working on a joint project to improve the quality of the guest operations. You are specifically looking at food service within the hotel(s) where you work.

    Assignment: We are going to have a discussion this week about managing in-room theft while at the same time we have a discussion about how to manage in-room theft while creating a positive, supportive environment for our guests and our staff esp. our housekeeping staff.

    Types of Theft: Anyone who enters a hotel property from a guest, to staff, to vendors and supplies may have the opportunity and the inclination to steal. Guests can steal anything from soaps and TV to major robberies of other guests and even the hotel. All of our staff, vendors and supplies have moments alone with our facilities, inventory or decor, etc. The bottom line is anyone can steal. However, if we treat everyone like a criminal we will ruin both our guests enjoyment and ruin the moral and the general working environment of our staff.

    Discussion: Please talk about methods, practices, opportunities, and guidelines for managing, controlling and reporting theft with a primary goal of doing so in a manner that creates greater guest enjoyment, and staff workplace satisfaction. Remember, you need to read what your classmates have said, and respond, adding to it, making observations.. No credit is given if you simply repeat what someone else has already said. You need to ADD to the discussion.

    You are free to address any type of related issue, from the point of view of any of the departments, or any of the managers, or any particular role within the hotel. I would like ONE person to address the issue of using RFID chips.


    Harry Shapiro

    Blogging instructions, starting with online attendance.
    Online Attendance: This is HYBRID class; it meets both in person (traditional) and online. The 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th and 13th class meetings/weeks are taught online. However, Blackboard is used throughout the semester and students need to access Blackboard on a weekly basis to complete assignments like blogging. Online activities for this class include: blog and the discussion forum. During weeks that are taught online attendance is determined by student’s online participation; failure to participate will result in an absence being recorded. students are responsible for their behavior and following appropriate rules for etiquette and behavior (Netiquette).

    Online Assignments:
    Unless otherwise indicated online assignments (i.e., blogging) are due by 11pm Eastern time on Sunday of the week the assignment is due.

    Blog Assignments: There are blog assignments Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 11*.

    Blog Writing: You will create blog posts weeks: 1, 2, 4, 5, & 11*.

    Replying to Blogs: All comments and replies should be thoughtful and well written. You are encouraged to and recommended to reply to your classmates blog posts, as well as to any comments your own posts generate throughout the course. You are specifically required to respond to a minimum number of your classmates posts in Week 3 and 6; in Week 8 you are required to respond to to any and all comments generated by your posts, and to any responses
    made to any of your reply posts.


    Harry Shapiro

    Very detailed instructions for blogging for HMGT 2405 where learning to blog is a desired learning outcome.
    Blogging Weeks: You need to blog during weeks 1, 2, 5, 7 & 9.

    Blogging Topic: You need to blog about a topic which some would say you know better than any other living person: yourself. You must pick topics for your blog that supports your Personal Marketing Plan (PMP); you must blog about key subject areas that tangibly demonstrate domain expertise that is supportive of your personal brand.

    First Post: Our first class meets in the morning on Jan 28th, 2015 – your first introductory post is due by 10pm Jan 29th, 2015. This first post is graded on a pass/fail basis.

    First Comment: You must comment upon the first post of every member of your assigned group, and any other blog posts you find interesting, or noteworthy. These posts must be made before 10pm on Feb 1st. Your assigned blog group is listed in the group section of Blackboard. Please see below for details on the quality and tonality of your commentaries.

    Posting: For specific weeks (Week 1, 2, 5, 9) you will post original content within the blogging system on Blackboard. Your original post should be related to topics and issues of relevance to your PMP and MUST be related to hospitality and tourism. HINT: your content should be related to the educational goals of the course while showing the influence of your personal brand, your work experience and/or career goals.

    Commenting: During weeks (5, 7, 9) you are to comment upon the blog posts of your blog group, and any other classmate’s post you have interest in; always respond to commentary which remarks upon your own original posts (and any subsequent commentaries).

    Blog Grading: A rubric will be placed in the Blackboard Content area for this assignment covering all weeks. Present your own thoughts or inclinations without negating or insulting the position of anyone’s post nor any of the comments. At the same time, you are welcome to advance your own thoughts, ideas and positions even if divergent from those of your classmate’s so long as they are respectful, thoughtful and conveyed in a manner which advances the dialog and builds upon the collegiality of the classroom.

    Blogging Weeks Explained: The blogging schedule consists of weeks where you will post and other weeks where you will comment as indicated below. During Weeks 1, 5 and 7 you will both post and comment.

    Blog posts will be made in Weeks 1, 2, 5, 7

    During Blog posting weeks (2, 5, 7) the assignment is due 1 hour before the start of class.

    Elements of Blog Posts:
    There are several elements for the blog postings assignments:

    • Write a new blog post on any topic (related to this course and/or to HMGT) that highlights your personal brand.
    • Your post will be not less than 1 paragraph and not more than 2 paragraphs.
    • Your post should be informal or collegial and use a blend of professional or colloquial phasing, structure, and tonality as appropriate for your personal brand.
    • It is recommended that you include visual elements in your blog, especially photos or video, or artwork of your own creation.
    • Any third party content must be referenced with an APA style in-text citation (in the blog) and a APA style bibliography entry attached as a PDF; failure to do so may result in charges of plagiarism.

    Blog Comments will be made in Weeks 5, 7, 9. Each assignment is due before 5pm on the day of class. There are several elements for the blog assignments:

    Elements of Blog Comments: During blog commenting weeks (5, 7, 9)

    • Review new comments made about your prior blog posts and reply to all of them appropriately.
    • Reply to at least 2 blog posts created by 2 or more of your classmates.
    • See above; remember to be thoughtful, demonstrate collegiality as well as highlight the strength of your personal brand.

    Best Blogging Practices:
    The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to dialog and discuss topics related to your personal brand. When commenting on previous weeks blog posts, is not acceptable to simply agree or disagree. Comments like “I agree,” “good post” or any other short response that does not advance the discussion or dialog will be assessed as inappropriate for this assignment.

    You have the freedom to comment in a professional, colloquial or other tonality as appropriate for your personal brand. The focus of your remarks may be wide ranging but must not be negating or insulting towards any individual (i.e., ad hominem comments In general your comments should advance any of the following goals:

    • Alternative ideas or concepts regarding a post
    • Provide additional evidence supporting or refuting your classmate’s entry.
    • Seek clarification or request information through a thoughtful well phrased question.
    • You may provide web links to external sources (web sites, Etc.)
    • If you directly quote or paraphrase any source, a properly formatted APA reference is required for each source on it’s own line beneath the blog entry.

    Note: Unlike your Personal Marketing Plan, your Blog entries (themselves) must focus on your own insight and opinions and does not need to be in APA format as that would be inappropriate for a professional blog entry.

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