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  • Kathy Harris on Digital Pedagogy - this Monday 4/2 6:30-8:30pm at the Grad Center
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    Charlie Edwards

    Hi all,

    Hope you managed to achieve some relaxation this weekend!

    Just wanted to make sure you know about an event on Monday (i.e. tomorrow/today depending on when you get this) that you may be interested in: Katherine D. Harris (San Jose State University; a CUNY alum) on “Risking Failure by Playing Around with Digital Pedagogy,” 6:30-8:30pm at the Grad Center, Rm 6417.

    Kathy says: “Something happens when we start incorporating Digital Humanities (DH) and digital pedagogy into the undergraduate classroom, something that’s not embraced in academia: failure. DH scholarship requires collaboration and playfulness – both risky endeavors in any Humanities classroom because of the need for assessment, structure, rules, and bounded learning. What happens when we modify some of the institutional structures and student learning outcomes to accommodate these two methods for learning and add into the curriculum a requirement for building something, anything, within the undergraduate classroom? The students collaborate, play around, and build materials for public scholarship, but we all risk failure – and then learn from it.”

    More info is on the CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative blog:

    It would be lovely to see you there – it should be a lot of fun (and we have snacks and cheap wine too).

    And do tell your friends!



    Charlie Edwards

    Just to clarify, we don’t make you pay for the wine! And it’s not that bad, though it probably wouldn’t get Karen’s seal of approval… :)

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