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  • Gen Ed Meeting, 2/3
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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Dear Living Lab Fellows,
    Friday January 27th was an extraordinary kickoff to what we are sure will be a productive semester leading to a greatly enhanced experience for all City Tech students and faculty alike. Robin and I are impressed with both your enthusiasm for your own research and the experiences you bring to these seminars.
    We are sure that this Friday will be equally rewarding. As you know, we will meet in the Faculty Lounge to engage in a workshop with the Gen Ed Committee. During this workshop we will work in groups to brainstorm some ways that we can use high impact practices to implement general education outcomes into our courses. In preparation for Friday we have asked for you to read from the Bean book and to review Wiggins and McTighe. We have also made the Title V Grant Rationale available to you in the files section of our OpenLab site. If you would like, you can review this file to better acquaint yourself with how our work will compliment the work of the college’s Gen Ed Committee. The most recent file representing the work of the Gen Ed Committee will be posted to the site on Wednesday.
    We are available to answer any questions you might have leading into Friday’s workshop. Questions or comments can be posted in the “discussion” section on the project profile.
    After meeting with the Gen Ed Committee, we will return to the Faculty Commons for lunch (please bring your own) where we will meet to discuss the group projects we will work on this semester.
    Enjoy this beautiful weather!


    johannah rodgers

    Thanks for making the project rationale available! I’ve actually found that some of my students have also been interested in finding out more about this.

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