Living Lab 2nd Year Fellows

Group Members:Elaine Leinung, Gwen Cohen-Brown, Marie Montes. Zoya Vinokur
 Title of Activity:  HIV today: Are there differences in knowledge and attitudes  regarding HIV across different Brooklyn ethnic groups and cultures.
Incidence of the disease in Brooklyn  based on ethnicity, age and culture.As as assignment we will have the “class” look at HIV stats in various zip codes or areas in Brooklyn. Or may have to reserve the computer lab to look them up that morning. (if we get good sources, we might substitute this part for a graphical statistic data excercise of an epidemic. Students will be exposed to graphing, how to interpret data and statistics). This will introduce students to the concept of epidemiology, which is important in the health and natural sciences. A computer lab must be reserved for research and analysis purpose. We might also have a brainstorming session in which we discuss current news, ways of infection and advantages and/disadvantages of a mandatory testing program (kind of a debate).
We are planning to have a Guest Speaker- to discuss living with HIV and strides made etc.

For our assessments We will look at pre- test related to perceptions about current risk factors, living with HIV, groups most likely to get HIV etc. We can have each “student” post after Guest Lecturer  to see if the information provided ( Speaker, articles, stats) changed perceptions. Also, if this information  will have any impact on their own health behaviors or choices? This will be a self reflection posted the Open Lab space. While we are not getting a field trip we will use Brooklyn as a resource and look at it on the Computer.
We will have a Guest Speaker and have Lunch provided!
Computer Lab   9:30 – 11 am Stats
11 – 11:30 discussion
12 Lunch
1pm – 3 Guest Speaker
3:30 questions
Go home and post self reflection
Timeline for the session: 9:30 -3pm
Preparation Activity Steps Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes Assessment