Living Lab 2nd Year Fellows

Group Members:  Johannah Rodgers, Camille Goodison, Barbara Mishara

Title of Activity:  Reading the Urban Environment: 

Location/outside partner: POSSIBLE SITES: Dekalb Market; Brooklyn Bridge Park; Gowanus Canal; Brooklyn Waterfront

Timeline for the session:  Meet in Faculty Commons, move to site, collect data, meet to discuss and analyze data


Preparation Activity Steps Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes Assessment
      Attain competency in the gathering and critical analysis of information using such techniques as interviewing, observation and researching primary and secondary sources.  
      Use the arts, sciences and humanities as a forum for the study of values, ethical principles, and the physical world  
      Work with teams, including those of diverse composition. Build consensus.  
      Show ability to contribute actively by applying knowledge to the identification and analysis of societal and professional problems to enact solutions.