LIB 2205ID – D958 Learning Places: Understanding the City – Interdisciplinary

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    Christopher Swift

    Broadway Theater District
    Nice shirts, Super Searchers!
    Needed a better introduction to your project as a while.
    Try not to read off of slides. Speak directly to us.
    Good archival photo– but please add credit to the slide.
    The historical info covered at the start was not necessary — the entire class learned these facts early in the semester.
    Good job defining “Beaux Arts” and making comparison to NYPL
    Very interesting detail about production of MND and architectural design of the New Amsterdam.
    Avoid terms like “Old School” and “Olden Days” — there are thousands of different kinds of historical styles. One term cannot encompass all of them!
    The lease signed by Disney was with the City of New York.
    Great historical photos (Lyceum)
    Excellent research into connection between Academy and Lyceum.


    Shanae Clarke

    We are unable to post the powerpoint due to its size! what should we do! Help!!!!!!!

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