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  • gentrification & housing
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    • displacement?
    • before/after demographics
  • gentrification and commercial/retail activity
  • urban design
    • large-scale architecture
    • sociological analysis – before and after?
    • social justice
  • transportation
  • crime & safety

What are the new projects that will be created in the Atlantic Yards?

If the adversary of gentrification is urban blight, what were the historical influences of both of these instances, in terms of how they opposed each other?

Question: how has the growth of residential towers impacted the site?

How did the inequality of income impact the gentrification on the Atlantic yard community during the Atlantic yard plan?

How welcoming is the new and improving Atlantic Yards/ Barclays Center to residents and individuals based on its developments of parks?

In what ways do the architecture development projects satisfy community needs within its neighborhood?

How the construction of the Barclays Center has affected the neighborhood surrounding it from a social perspective.

Gentrification: Does every resident in the surrounding neighborhood have a right to the site or only a select few?

How does the Barclays Center impact directly to the residents?

Gentrification: Is the Barclays Center benefiting businesses in Brooklyn?

How does the social condition in Fort Greene influence the opposition of change amassed by the individuals
residing there?

How does the construction of Barclays Center impact the area’s crime statistics?

What makes the Barclays Center area so unique with the respect to transit service?

How did Brooklyn adapt to the change made by the project Atlantic Yards?

What was the reason behind changing Frank Gehry’s original design?

Has the previous growth and change in Brooklyn influenced the new development in the neighborhood?

Find out how the construction of the Barclays Center has affected the neighborhood surrounding it from a social perspective.

How has the Barclays Center affected the socio-culture of the area?

How can we begin to draw comparisons with the past and the present and our future when it pertains to gentrification and how developers gain support on projects in Brooklyn?

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