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  • Critique of the last jeopardy review question
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    oluyemi ipadeola

    based on the jeopardy game for our review exercise i would like to identify some mistakes for but jeopardy one and two.
    1. some of the answers to the questions were incorrect
    2. the questions were not asked correctly
    3. grammatical errors.

    For jeopardy two i do not see any mistakes, all the answer are correct and their is no observation of any grammatical erros



    I found that the jeopardy game was a great source of review.
    Group A
    – The questions were easy; they didn’t get harder as the points increased
    – The questions weren’t very clear, we had to make sense of some of the questions which caused our group to lose points.
    – Some of the answers for the questions were incorrect and didn’t match the question.
    Group B
    -The questions were fair
    – clearly stated
    – No errors in answers
    ** This game was good for review. I can say that we learned from the seniors and they learned from us. Group A should edit their work before turning it in. Part of me was happy that group A made mistakes in their assignment (not because I want the seniors to fail) but because it made way for us to show what we know and correct them.


    Adrian Valarezzo

    1st Group
    – I think the first group the Questions were easy to fair, some questions where located in the right spot as to others were easy.
    – Some questions did progress in difficulty but like i said somewhere posted in the wrong spot some question were worth 500 when they should have been worth like 200.
    – Not all the questions were easily understood there were some that we had to read the questions 2,3 times to understand them.
    – I think the jeopardy game was a fun, good review technique.
    2nd group
    – Most of the questions were easy, fair, and difficult.
    – Most questions did progress in difficulty although towards the end i felt that the question kind of lean towards the easier side even in the boxes were they were worth more.
    – Yes the questions were easy to understand.



    For the first Jeopardy game we played in class the questions were easy, fair and difficult, I believe the questions did progress in difficulty. The grammar was not written well. Also some of the answers were wrong. Overall it was not bad but I think they should have reread it and check their mistakes.
    For the second Jeopardy game I think it was good the questions went from easy to fair. The grammar was written well.



    Group A:
    – Group A questions were fair.
    – No, the questions didn’t progress in difficulty.
    – The questions weren’t clearly understood and there were many errors.
    – Although, it was poorly written the questions were a great review technique.
    Group B:
    – Group B questions were fair.
    – Yes, the questions progressed in difficulty.
    – The questions were clearly understood.
    – Overall, it was a great review technique because they didn’t have any mistakes and they included important questions that was significant. Group B’s jeopardy game was overall better then Group A’s jeopardy game.


    Prof. Espinoza

    Thank you all for your insightful comments! I have asked your senior classmates to review your comments and revise their games. I will post the links on the “assignment” page located on the course site.


    I was absent for group A, however I did play group B.
    The questions were fair, there were some more difficult ones thrown in there which made it better for reviewing in my opinion. The questions progressed in difficulty. The questions didn’t really have any mistakes and were easy to understand/comprehend. For me overall I feel that the idea of playing a game like this to review is really good. It helped me see how many different avenues I had to be studying without just having to read page after page. I appreciated that when it came to the game. Some questions were really really easy but that is the point of the progression of difficulty so that was fine. I liked this review.


    Javonni Johnson

    For group A’s game there were a lot of grammatical errors.
    The questions were poorly asked it was confusing and a lot of the time I found myself puzzled trying to figure out what I was being asked. Questions were too easy, and some of the answers were incorrect. This also had me very confused and some questions had more than one possible answers to it.
    On the other had Group B’s game was great. There were no mistakes. Questions were asked in a way were I understood what I was being asked. Answers were correct. They also had a little more challenging questions that made me see that I had to review a little more.
    Playing this game as a method of studying was fun as well as a great way of learning and retouching on areas that I needed work on. Hopefully Group B can make more games for us.



    For game A ; we identified some grammatical errors and questions that were phrased wrong. The questions where fair and within each category there was some difficulty.For group B ; some questions where difficult to understand, but it was better than Game A. I think the jeopardy game is a great way to review for exam because it can helps us identified what we need to pay more attention to when we study. This game can challenge our minds and we can find out what we really know.



    Regarding the Jeopardy Court Structure game, I found that as long as one did their readings, the questions were fair. The questions increased with difficulty as the fictitious amounts on each category grew higher in value. The questions were clearly understood, however, I find that the Jeopardy Court Structure game is more effective when done on an individual basis on the computer as opposed to playing the game as part of a group. As one who has played this game both as part of a group and as an individual at home on the computer, I find that I was able to concentrate better. Playing as a group can become distracting. Both games A and B were very helpful. My only negative criticism was some of the grammar in certain questions where the word “specific” was used instead of the word “specify”. In addition, the answers to two of the questions (one in game A and one in game B) were erroneous. This was of concern to me since I consider the Jeopardy format a valuable learning and review tool and the wrong information can cause one to get a wrong answer on a quiz or test. Overall, though, I had fun and was able to review effectively for my quiz this past September 18th.



    I posted this yesterday morning


    Kimberly Garduno

    Overall, I would say that this jeopardy game was a very effective way to study for the test.

    In both games, there were a few flaws:
    1) Some questions were a little broad and not specific (clear)
    2) Some of the answers to the questions were actually incorrect
    3) Only a select few questions did not progress in difficulty



    Game A seemed to have a few errors such as wrong answers and grammatical errors also most questions were fair but some were easier than others. Within each category the questions progressed with the most difficulty was NYS court structure. Some questions weren’t as understandable due to the fact that there were not in the correct form. I believe that the Jeopardy game was a great way to review but I also believe that the creators could have done a better job if they spent a little more time going over it after they competed making it.
    Game B seemed to be a better review because there were no mistakes as far as any grammatical errors and also was very understandable. The questions were a bit more challenging which could be both a good or bad thing. I believe that Group B did a better job than A, because it seemed to me that they took their time with this project and made it very understandable for us.



    Based on the jeopardy game both group A and group B were effective in trying to help us prepare us for our quiz the other day, although there were some minor errors here an there but overall its was fine. The questions from both games were pretty good, and got more interesting as you advance down the list. The question were clear to understand , some of the answers just didn’t make sense. For me, jeopardy doesn’t really help me review for certain types of quizzes but it was a good experience overall. Next time for the seniors just double check for errors and mistakes other than that they did a pleasent job in creating this.


    Prof. Espinoza

    Thank you all for playing Jeopardy! Your comments were very insightful and helpful to the creators. Remember that you can use the jeopardy website to create your own “game” as review of information in ANY course. You may also pair up with fellow classmates and create another game template in this course for upcoming exams. I welcome the opportunity to play another round of Jeopardy with you all.

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