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  • Court Observation Summary
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    Zara Vayman

    On October 8, 2019, at 10:30 to 4 pm Eric and I went to the New York Supreme Court Civil term. Located at 360 Adams Street Brooklyn, NY 11201. When we came in we went through security. The security guard directed us to the county clerk. Then they directed us to a different clerks office on the second-floor room 227 he directed us to floors 5,7,9. We went to the 5th floor and an officer told us to go to 2nd-floor courtroom 296 to observe a civil trial. The clerk of the court told me all the credentials of the case. The name of the case is Harris v Christian Church of Canarsie. The judges’ name is your honor, Kathy J. King. The plaintiff’s attorney is Steven Podolsky and the defendants’ is Salvatore Desantis. The case was about a car accident and the plaintiffs’ attorney cross-examining the defendant and then the defendants’ attorney was asking his client questions. What stood out to me was how the plaintiffs’ attorney presented himself and his arguments. He was very composed, professional and asked very clear questions towards the defendant. The case was so interesting that Eric and I returned today to listen to the rest of the case. The verdict is still pending but, since I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity to meet with your honor in chambers I will then be notified of the verdict and will share it both in my paper and oral presentation! We also had a conversation with the plaintiffs’ attorney when your honor called for a recess for lunch and he asked our opinion on where we think the accident actually happened and he took my answer into consideration and discussed it during the trial! Overall I had an amazing experience watching this trial!!!!

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