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    On November 6 , I went to Civil Court of the City of New York , Queens County which is located at 89-17 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica , NY 11435. At first I was nervous to see that there were metal detectors in the entrance keep in note that it was my first time in court. I was relieved once I passed the metal detectors and was soon to find out where was the clerks office to find any ongoing court proceedings. The clerk office man told me that there were a lot of civil court proceeding going on and that any type of cases was up to me. So, I went to the fourth floor room 403 where the case has just started and the type of case was a Landlord and Tenant case, the plaintiff Jackson Heights 35 LLC was issuing a Late Rent Notice for the defendant Gloria Marin for habitually late payments. The defendant( Gloria ) had told the landlord that the reason she has been paying late was because she has been consecutively been on and off from her job with bills that she has to pay makes her unable to pay on time. The plaintiff has already given her a 14 day notice but she has not cooperated with the notice. The judge decides to get a stay of execution order to temporarily suspend the execution of the court which therefore the case is adjourned a two weeks from today until the defendant can find a permanent job but if she fails to proof of her job she will immediately get an eviction notice from the court and will have to evict the premises of where she lives immediately.

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