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Kiara Rodriguez’s ePortfolio
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Hospitality Management
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Hi, my name is Kiara Rodriguez.
Welcome to my portfolio. I am a student currently enrolled in the Hospitality Management program at The New York City College of Technology.
I began to have interest in this field when I did a Pastry program at The Institute of Culinary Education. Where I earned my certificate as a Pastry Chef. This taught me the basics of what and how the Chef world is all about. When I graduated I had to do an Internship which taught me so much on how the bakery business works which is not easy but it is very exciting for someone who loves to bake like me. My goals are to get my degree in Hospitality Management and open up a bakery with hints of my culture(dominican) in some of the recipes and/or work in a hotel traveling the country. I have not worked in this industry yet, just on my Internship which was at Soutine Bakery. I am currently working in retail as a Manager in a kids shoe fitting store called Harrys Shoes for Kids. This helps me with customer service tasks and abilities to deliver customer satisfaction at all times. I like what I do because at the end of the day I am making people happy and this industry this is what it’s all about. I am a very hard worker and perfectionist. I like to succeed in life and if that means working hard for it i will.
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