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Patient and their family member can rely on me during their most vulnerable time. To provide the patient the best care possible, while increasing their confident and encourage ones belief that you have provide the best quality care possible.
As I maintain Integrity, accountability & maintain the ethical values that I hold pertinent to my role as a registered nurse. With Integrity I try my very best to use good judgment when it comes to the care of my patients. Responsibility because each patient that I care for it is my duty to make sure that they feel like they can rely on me to provide the best quality care possible and advocate for them. I want them to know that I am trustworthy so they will feel at ease when I am providing their care and accountable for all of my actions.
I use the Jean Watson theory nursing process because I agree with his theory and the main four concepts that included such as human being, health, environment/society and nursing.
Therefore, I try my best to be kind, compassionate and the most important thing to me is to make sure the patient feels like they have received the best quality of care. I try my best to be kind, compassionate, while treating the patient as a whole. It is important to me that when I have a patient he/she feels like their healthcare needs has been meet, and they can trust me as their healthcare provider.

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