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My name is Katherine Morillo, Kathy to my friends and family. I am 22 years old and I am from Dominican Republic. This is my first semester at City Tech, I transferred from Queensborough Community College because they did not offer the major I wanted, which is Hospitality Management. I always had an inner passion for the Hospitality industry. My family has always told me that I was born for this, because I am a very dedicated person, something that is very hard to find these days, who is also very mature for my age and most importantly, I extremely love to help others and make everyone around me feel important and welcomed. All of this started when I was five years old, my father had an office for utility payments, and I would rush to come home from school to help my father in the office. At that young age I was in charge of light office duties like cashing out the draws every night by counting out the smaller bills, adding up all of the utility bills done on the day, and taking care of the regular customers. Everyone used to love me and they could not believe that I performed such stressful tasks in a proper and cheerful manner. I just enjoyed helping my father’s customers and making sure they were taking cared of the right way.

When I turned eight years old, my mother decided to open a restaurant for my grandma in Nagua, which is my mother’s hometown located two hours away from the capital of Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. We used to always go on the weekends to help out, and even though I was a little girl, I never did the typical activities that kids used to do. I would always be in the front station cashing out checks, paying the employees whenever my grandma would demand it and going around the dining room making sure everyone was having an extraordinary time. My first job was in an Italian restaurant and pizzeria. I worked there for three years and I stopped because I wanted to focus mainly on school and finish faster. I did the entire front of the house positions and also office work. I went from being a cashier, to a personal assistant, multitasking and alternating between positions all in less than a year. My career goal is to have the opportunity to work all front of the house areas of a hotel, elevate myself as a manager and be able to work in different hotels around the world. I love to travel and I have the capability of handling any task that is put in front of me. I am not afraid to work, and I have always proved that I can always better myself, and I am sure I will accomplish my dream if I work hard for it.

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