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Im here to gain more knowledge about the Hospitality program. im very interested in all aspects of hospitality, from culinary, baking to hotel management. i hope to become a Cruise director in the future but as for short term goals, i want to graduate college with bachelors and to hopefully push and inspire those around me! my previous jobs, ive worked at are variety of daycares and last summer at an office. i had a great time at all my worksites, spreading happiness and love to those who are in contact with me. hopefully ill be able to spread my love throughout my college years to anyone and everyone!
On my personal life, i excel at public speaking and oral projects and presentations. growing up i had very few friends and still till this day dont have much friends. i came from a shy background and all throughout middle school and early high school i would refuse to present in front of my class. i want to thank all my teachers in high school and middle school for preping and preparing me for college because without them i wouldnt have ever grown out of my shy phase. my interests are a variety of sports from basketball to rugby. i love to sing and dance! as you get to know me more, ill sing in class very often so please if im disrupting, let me know! as for dance ive taken several dance courses in my life from ballroom to balet and i encourage everyone to try because dancing makes you empowered. it truly does make you feel like your floating.

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