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Hospitality Management
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September 12 2013
HMGT 1101
Prof. Horace Hutchinson
Jacqueline Scott-Smart
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My name is Jacqueline Scott-Smart and I’m a transfer student at (New York City College Of Technology). I am currently enrolled in the Hospitality Management program. I have twenty six years in the managerial food service industry. My passion and main reason for pursuing my degree is my love for working with people. I enjoy working with people and am committed to showing the utmost care in providing a service to others. It is also my wish that I leave a positive impact and that others are positively affected through my service. With the help of my professors and fellow classmates I hope to further my knowledge and skills, which will allow me to be an experienced and dedicated professional in the hospitality field. My philosophy is to treat people the way I would want to be treated: with dignity and respect. I work well in a very productive, positive and supportive work environment. I am able to build trusting relationships by demonstrating integrity and standing by high ethical standards. I am also able to communicate accurate information in a clear and timely manner. I set clear goals in a persistent and optimistic manner and strive to achieve my goals to the best of my ability. My mission and commitment to the community is one that I share whole-heartedly. Because of my roll-up-your-sleeve work ethic, I have maintained an excellent performance record and I have earned a reputation for being dedicated and engaged in teamwork

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