Introduction to Linear Algebra

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    Go through the powerpoint. Post your thoughts on this. Read the definition of Laplacian and how to develop this matrix. Also, do not get confused on the adjacency matrix of the undirected and of the directed graph. You have to only develop the adjacency matrix from the food web that is given to you which is a directed graph. So you should follow the notes that I gave you. Matlab will automatically develop the corresponding competition graph and the associated adjacency matrix (from the undirected graph) once you use that as an input in the code. Also, the program will automatically develop the Laplacian.


    Alejandro Reyes

    This was an interesting powerpoint. We learn about the definition of Biodiversity, Food Web, while also getting an insight of the various matrices. This power point also allow us to gain a better perspective of how linear algebra can now be used to be able to connect topics to real life, such as that of a matrix of a competition graph.

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