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    Part 1
    Hi my name is Farrakh Raja! I am a liberal arts and science major at City Tech. One of my frequent activities or hobbies is day dreaming about what it would be like to travel back and forth in time. I imagine that if i had the ability to do so, I would bring back per-historic animals like Megalodon and other various dinosaurs. I would love to experience what it would be like raising and growing alongside these animals. I chose this class because my friends suggested that it would pique my interest, because i love writing, and keeping up with current events that don’t make it on to the news.

    Part 2
    To me being a citizen means that I have a few more advantages than people who are not. I can vote for a candidate I like, get access to jobs that require you to be a citizen etc. Along with being a citizen means that I unfortunately have to slave away part if not my whole life paying off debt and taxes.

    Part 3
    “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” In each generation, new tactics have been used for achieving the same goals-goals shared by the founding fathers. Denying African Americans citizenship was deemed essential to the formation of the original union. (page 1).

    Literally: This means that we’re a hypocritical nation who preaches about peace, freedom and equality, but have the nerve to dig our greasy claws into other nations trying to “help them” overcome what we have going on here. It means that no matter how far we advance, we somehow subliminally create laws that prey upon the black community.
    Intellectually: It boggles the mind, making you think how disgusting it is that we as the superior species would create an environment in which another human is dehumanized on so many levels. It makes you realize that we have ran a far distance but have yet to come up to the starting line.
    Emotionally: Thinking about this makes me sad. It depresses me at times when I’m on the ferry going home, or anywhere for that matter when I am alone with my thoughts. I hate having to reassure myself that this isn’t some conspiracy that I’ve cooked up in my head, but in fact has been going in front of my very own eyes my entire life.

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