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    My assigned country for this assignment was Malaysia. After doing some rigorous research I have found some information relating to the questions at hand. Citizens of Malaysia may make a will as long as they are at least Eighteen years of age and of sound mind.
    In Malaysia you are to make your own wills and does not require an attorney, however one is recommended. Here is a very simplistic website that I have come across for a Malaysian attorney that specializes in probate. The website gives you a very linear view on Malaysia law and how best to go about creating a will.
    The laws of intestacy for Malaysia are as follows, If you die with a spouse and no issue and no parents, spouse gets 100%. If you die with no spouse, no parents and issue the issue gets 100%. If you die with no spouse, no issue, and have parents the parents get 100%. If you die with a spouse and parents they split 50% each. If you die with no parents but spouse and issue, spouse gets 1/3 and the issue gets 2/3. If you die with parents and issue but no spouse, parents get 1/3 and issue gets 2/3. And finally if you die with all three living parents, spouse, and issue then the parents and spouse get 50% each and the issue gets 50%. As you can see the Malaysian law heavily favors the issue. This information was readily available on the web, makes me think that perhaps many Malaysians die intestate??

    PART 2

    In the attached file you can see the famous Perak Man!

    This is the most famous homosapien found in Malaysia.

    Perak Man is considered to be the most significant discovery of the remains of a modern man (homo sapiens) ever discovered in Malaysia, both because of its antiquity of over 10,000 years and also because of its most complete anatomical state. He was buries in a crouched position along with several funerary goods which included some stone tools and food such as shells and meat of a variety of animals.

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