International Inheritance Laws

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    I chose the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica. The museum is situated on the site of the legendary musician’s home in Kingston, Jamaica. The museum display’s some of Bob Marley’s personal treasures through artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia’s. The museum was created to commemorate the life and work of the musical ambassador. I feel as though, it was only right to have the museum at Bob Marley’s former residence. The museum gives us insight and a synopsis of his life. What stood out the most in my opinion was Bob Marley’s statue. The statue shows Bob Marley standing with his guitar, and one finger pointing to the sky. The statue shows how loving and peaceful Bob Marley was. If ever given the opportunity to visit Jamaica, the Bob Marley museum is one of the places I plan to visit. The museum is filled with so much history about the legendary musician.

    Inhabitants domiciled in Jamaica can make wills. In Jamaica, the will must be in writing. It must also be signed in the presence of two witnesses, who must sign the will as well. A distributee must have a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or a death certificate in order to inherit under the laws of intestacy. Inheritance issues are dealt with by either the Supreme Court or the Resident Magistrates Court. The Resident Magistrate’s Court handles inheritance matters where the value of the deceased’s estate does not exceed 1.5 million dollars and the Supreme Court handles other matters. The matters brought before either Court are decided by a single judge. For a will to be valid the testator must be eighteen years old. Based on the information I obtained, I was not able to determine if a testator needed an attorney to make a will in the country. But, I did find a law firm in kingston, Jamaica by the name of Myers, Fletcher & Gordon. The firm is located on 21 East St, in Kingston Jamaica. The contact number is 1(888)772-922-5860, and email address is The intestacy laws in Jamaica states, that a widow is entitled to only a fraction of the decedent’s wealth. Under the laws of intestacy, Inheritance is not taxed in Jamaica but transfers of properties are subject to tax. The process of releasing inheritance is regulated by the Government of Jamaica. Jamaican inheritance laws always apply to the personal property of a deceased person who had permanent residence in Jamaica.

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