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Albania inheritance laws


The site for the law firms practicing in probate laws is formal. All solid and bold colors, no bright colors, Red, blue, black and white.  It has the sites logo and all the options of services. Than the law firms name, number and address. Next, it list all the fields of law the firm deals with.

Skenderbeu aka Skanderbeg

The arms of George Skanderbeg are in the national museum of Kruja these objects are what is left of him since the battle against the ottoman army .He died on January 17, 1968 from malaria .George Skanderbeg was a 15thcentury Albanian lord. The helmet he wore is a black colored metal as well as gold .There is a bronze goat on the top center of the helmet .The helmet has a design around the rim of the helmet, which is bronze. The center of the helmet is also bronze going around the rim and the center of the helmet has 3d balls about 2 inches apart. The ram has a long strong face and long horns both pointing outward. It has two ears and two eyes. The sword is long and pointy. It is not straight, but is arched. It is thin, the handle has two horizontal fixtures that stop the handle, and the sword starts.  The helmet looks strong and the sword looks deadly. I think who ever made the helmet is great artist and had a reason for the details on the helmet being as they were. The person who made these items knew the purpose was to defend and kill .Overall I feel both were artistic and not just put together overnight. I researched the facts on the helmet to find out the helmet does in fact have significant meanings.