International Inheritance Laws

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The country I have researched is Barbados .The inhabitants of Barbados are allowed to make wills under the Succession Act Cap 249 .The age of testamentary is 18’’.Which is modeled after the Irish succession act of 1965’’ .A valid will in Barbados is the almost the sam/e as New York the testator must have testamentary capacity it must be made in writing, and must be “attested by at least two witlessness in the presence of each other and the testator.

There are plenty of probate attorneys in the country of Barbados. When researching it did not specify if you needed a lawyer to make a will or not but it was highly recommended. As I researching, I found a modern website called, which is located in St. Michaels Barbados. The office specializes in wills, real estate and patents just to name a few.

A will does not have to be remade in Barbados is the person has already had one from another country as long as it “complies with the rules of an international wills.” The laws of intestacy  differs a bit in Barbados  when it comes to shares given to spouse and issues. Example if there is one only one child and a spouse. The spouse takes two thirds of the estate and the issue gets one third. ‘’Any clause in a will of a person dying in Barbados which attempts to disinherit minor children (or children under disability) or a spouse who was judicially separated less than 3 years before the death of the testator, is void’’. The court has option to provide for the maintenance of children of the deceased, including the award of lump sum payments. If there is no minor child (or child under disability) the Succession ‘’Act gives a surviving spouse a legal right to one half of the deceased’s estate, or one quarter if there is such a child If the will contains a gift of property to the surviving spouse, that spouse must, within 6 months of the grant of probate, elect to take the property given in the will’’. If a couple is cohabitating for five or more years this is legal so either spouse can inherit under laws. A testator in Barbados is allowed to dispose of there property however they choose.

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The object I’m describing is from the Niche Israel Museum which is a restored synagogue .This museum is one of the few Jewish museums in the Caribbean its located in Bridgetown, Barbados .The museum has a bunch of sarcophagus That are  very beautiful ,with glass and gold trimming ,with brass boulders. The sarcophagus is surrounded by glass lamps and marble boulders. I thought that this was a beautiful object the details on and surrounding it were so detailed. I would definitely want to visit this museum if I ever go back to Barbados. I have never been to Jewish museum and to see them in person would be spectacular.

Today, approximately 40 Jews live in Barbados. It was the Jewish community of Barbados that initiated and maintains the Caribbean Jewish Congress.


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