International Inheritance Laws

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The country I have researched is Barbados .The inhabitants of Barbados are allowed to make wills under the Succession Act […]

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In accordance with the inheritance laws of Mexico, there are two ways one can distribute their property in Mexico. One […]

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Haiti Art – Alinda Nicaj

In Haiti, they had a few museums with all types of art pertaining to their life style. Sadly, all of […]

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Haiti Alinda Nicaj April 17th 2013   Haiti is a Caribbean country and the languages spoken there are Creole and […]

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South Korea

South Korea is located in Asia. Their laws of making a will is different from the ones in the United […]

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Guatemala Inheritance Laws

In Guatemala, the inheritance laws are similar to those in New York. The inhabitants of Guatemala are able to make […]

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  My assigned country for this assignment wasMalaysia. After doing some rigorous research I have found some information relating to […]

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India Inheritance law

The inhabitants of India can create a will once they reach the age of 21. Testators do not need to […]

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Hong Kong

After viewing some sites like that of culture and heritage museum in Hong Kong, I must herald the fact that […]

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The Republic of Colombia

  INTERNATIONAL INHERITANCE LAWS ASSIGNMENT The Republic of Colombia By Tash Joyner, Paralegal student   Inhabitants of the Republic of […]

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