HUS3605 Child Welfare and Family Services

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  • The raising of America
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    Linda Henry

    Linda Henry

    September 7, 2017 at 11:36 pm

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    Session 3

    The Raising of America:

    America is by far a rich country, and its children can be viewed most privileged in terms of material possession, like toys, recreational facilities, modern equipment, food, clothes, and the availability of education at all levels. But, the startling reality is that parents find it stressful to keep up with the fast pace life style. Parents need to be more present in their children’s lives, but in many homes, both parents have full time jobs. The long hours of commute to and from work, leaves little time for parents to be physically there to check in to their children’s school, and be there when they return home from school.
    Even if there are after school programs, there is still that lack of parental /guardian oversight of those and other activities that the children are engaged in. The ban on corporal punishment in the home and in school, also gives children the right of way to call 911 to report their parents, when the parents in the best interest of the children try to reprimand them for bad behavior. Hence, disrespect and rebellion go undeterred, resulting in many children being caught up in the juvenile system.

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