HUS3605 Child Welfare and Family Services

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  • session 6- a child of the state
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    I found these two video/ articles very interesting. It made me think of how or even what people may think of children of the state. In my opinion, although they say orphanages don’t exist anymore, group homes and shelters are basically the new orphanages. My reaching to them was that usually when someone hears foster children, they automatically think their all the same thing and categorize them into one group, children with no family or home. What I realized was that every single on of their situations are different and they all go through different things. They all have different ways of dealing and coping with their situation. I think many of them would just like to be heard although they may deny needing help. In strained Foster Care System, Claudia spoke on how challenging it was for her and how many obstacles and homes she had been through before she had finally someone who really cared for her and was patient with her. She believed that she was one of the lucky ones because the system does not have enough room for all of the children that need help and guidance. In A Child of The State, Lemn Sissay described how children in the system end up belonging to the government because eventually the children who turned into adults without guidance end up being turned right back to the government with things like prison, incarceration, Also, he discussed the curiosity, resentment, anger, and hostility that may or may not occur toward the birth family with may cause some to stray down the wrong life path

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