HUS3605 Child Welfare and Family Services


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  • Session 5: Assessing a goodness of fit between child's needs and capacity
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    Sandra Jusme

    Protecting Children Against Sexual Abuse: My parents thought me a lot about protecting myself as a younger girl. It is very important to speak to your children about how important, and to protect themselves. Now a days older people be going around molested younger children. It is crazy because these are young kids that do not know what to do; and who to turn to. I also find it very crazy because it is hard for them to speak up to any one just because they are afraid. While I was reading “Protecting children against sexual Abuse” they stated so many things, and steps on how we should speak to our children about protecting their bodies. It can be hard to come out speak to your children because they are still young minded. To speak to them you have to make sure they understand you. I feel like it is very important to speak to them. Always check up on them to see if they are okay. Especially when they want to talk about something. Make that time to speak to your kids because you never know what is on their mind. -SJ

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