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  • Fix the Flaws in Forensic Science
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    Cathy B

    On Monday the FBI acknowledged that testimony by its forensic scientists about hair identification was scientifically indefensible in nearly every one of more than 250 cases reviewed. The “Miscarriages of Justice”, started in 1989 in a Bronx courtroom, where the murder of a trail janitor, was the first case to examine DNA fingerprinting. The two scientific experts for both the prosecution and the defense determined that the lab work was shoddy and the conclusion was unreliable. The two lawyers in that case in that Bronx case, Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, went on to start the Innocence Project in 1990. The Project has cleared many innocent victims since then. The Project reviewed F.B.I. testimony in testimony of more than 2,500 cases in over 40 states from 1985 – 1999. The review showed more than 4 of those 33 received the death penalty and nine have been executed so far. What a Miscarriage and abuse of Justice?

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