HUS 3605 Child Welfare and Family Services, SPRING 2018

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  • Session 3: Children and Poverty/ The Raising of America
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    Dear Class,

    Please post here your comments/reflection on The Raising of America video. Link provided –

    Dr. Fernandes

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    The video was an eye opener on the lack of support or investment America has for children and families. Starting from early years not giving the mother support to have the proper time to raise a child and make sure they do well in each of their development stages. America does not put in enough support socially and economically for the well being of families. Which has long terms effects. I feel it is unfortunate that America has money to fund wars and uses a little over 50% of our budget to do so. That’s a little over 50% to protect the country probably more than needed. Yet does not invest to better the people so we can improve as a country with education and a better environment and chances for all. I feel when America tries to make sure everyone is doing well we can move forward as country. This video shows how human services is important and needed in America to help those in need and advocate for them.

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    The statistics in this video was interesting. Obviously an old one, as there is now provision for paid maternity leave in America. It’s not as long or good as those in other european countries but it’s a hopeful start. The disappointing part is the fact that the education level has dropped that much. The study says that as there is not enough support for parents as far as childcare is concerned, it may have impacted the outcome. Also, what little childcare that is available is so expensive that most people cannot afford it. I remember just 14 years ago how expensive it was when i had my daughter that it was cheaper to stay home the first year of her life. Even after the age of 1, it was expensive. The fact that the mayor of New York has made kindergarten free and mandatory is a welcome reprieve. It is far from enough but a welcome option nonetheless. The video also made mention of the fact that stressors affects early childhood education. How can avoid those stressor though when there’s little help and options available ?
    The fact that state child health insurance, supplemental Nutrition assistance plan and that some welfare assistance is available, makes it a lot easier to manage.



    Definitely, it cannot be denied that times are changing more and more and these changes affect us all in one way or another, but especially the lower class is the one who really suffers these changes. Fewer job opportunities, less economic income that force mothers to leave their children’s care in a day care, which is becoming more and more difficult to afford. The video show us that Americans work longer hours than others countries and despite that, many do not have the money, that is a disheartening thing for many low income families. The video also shows us statistics that are alarming and at the same time discouraging that make us think that instead of improving things in America they are getting worse. For parents to raise their children is a task that requires resources both economic and physical every time is less the resource and physical capacity after so many hours of work to care for children.
    We need more resources and programs such as Mayor Bill’s PK, more wealthy people who are willing to help parents who struggle day after day to give a good upbringing to their children, sometimes with two or three jobs and still the money is not enough. At the same time we need programs to keep our young people in schools, the video shows us that in the 70s America was number one in high school graduations but unfortunately today is in the 21st place; all these are very negative changes for the minority. That brings stress to the life of the parents as of the children.



    The raising of America is a very interesting video, after listening to the video things has changed so much over the years, because way back in the days the men use to work and the women stayed home and take care of their children but living in America both parents have to work and work long hours too. In America people worked longer hours than any every other rich nation yet the middle class is shrinking and not much social ability to spend time with their family. The statistic is very high, why should people work so hard in this country, yet one in every four children born in poverty? America does not live up to its name, the country fails to provide the necessity for working class people who have children in order for them to spend time growing their children or giving them proper nurture before running back to work. Most parents goes back to work before their babies reach three months. Not because most of them want to but they have to in order to pay the bills. Child’s care if very expensive and to get good quality child’s care you have to be able to afford it, and for most people they can’t. It takes a whole village to raise a child and America is not nesting together so that the children can grow and get the best care. So many children grow up and a bit too much do not graduate from high school because the lack of resources or some other reason. Children are not getting the early head start so that their brain can stimulate and develop and this will guarantee them graduating from high school. Early exposure will allow the children to develop socially, mentally and economically dependent.


    Jorge Perez

    This video provides clarification to why there is a drop rate in birth reproduction in the United States, because who wants to bring a child into this world when 1 out of 4 children are born into poverty. Another issue is child care cost too much and many people cannot afford it, and if they receive government assistance for child care there is a big waiting list. What I found alarming is in 1970 the United States was number one in the world for college and high school graduation completion. In a matter of 48 years we dropped to #15 for college, and #21 for high school graduation completion. As a conspiracy theorist, I believe their is an agenda to why the education system is failing parents and students. My theory consist of a group of people with negative intentions are purposely dumbing down an entire generation,to imprison their mind so they do not become aware of lies being taught in our education system. When I help my daughter with her homework from 1st grade, I say to myself “what the heck are they teaching” because the manner in which they word math problems sounds so confusing. This video explained why we must invest in children lives early, because the child’s experience during the early stages determines their future and personality so we must invest in child care to provide a better future for our children. For many generations, people were brainwashed to believe in a Eurocentric worldview through the education system, which displayed Europeans as the first civilized society, Christopher Columbus discovering America, along with other propaganda and lies. In the past few questioned the validity to the information being taught in schools, but because of technology people are now exposed to global information instantaneously and the truth is being discovered through research. As JFK said, “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child.”



    Time waits on no one. This video showed me that as we are getting older things become even more hectic. Job opportuninty are becoming a little scarce, economic income is reducing and it also pushing the mothers to leave their chidren’s care with others just to go out and make some extra money for the family. The video show us that us American have to work crazy hours so we can survive also, US is the only country that don’t pay for paid leave which is very unfair for the family and for the children.



    This was a very interesting video to watch. It is very true when they say that us Americans have to work long hours in order to provide for our families. It is great that now a days women are able to work and help out and not just be a stay at home wife. People work so hard but yet it still is not enough. It is sad that people work so hard, do not enough and are considered poor class. It isn’t fair. For example my parents have always worked so hard to get things and provide for us but of course it is not enough and we will never be considered rich or middle class.
    Parents have to provide so much for their children and families that they barely get to spend any time with them. Mothers have children and once their leave is up they return to work and the children are in daycare. The daycare’s are so expensive that many can not afford it. Parents have to figure out a way to get some type of care for their children in order for them to work.
    It is amazing that once the U.S was number 1 in high school and college graduation and now it is not like that. In college it is 15th and high it is 21th. It is sad that is has come to that. What children are learning growing up is the outcome of graduation. It is important to start teaching things young so that the outcome can be good. If things are not done early the outcome won’t be the best. We want the children to be the best they can be and it is up to us for that to happen.


    Ivory Chavis

    The video emphasizes the long road we have ahead of us regarding policies, affordability for child care, and government assistance in the United States. There are so many barriers and obstacles that Americans face when raising their families. Women and men are forced to work, even multiple jobs just to provide for their family. Even traditional households where women would want to stay home and raise the kids is not the norm anymore because they have to work and provide for their family as well. This impacts young children and their families because parents are not spending much time with their children because they are at work. Most importantly, young children who live in lower class families may not have access to good quality childcare and other resources that are necessary to raise a child such as medical care or education. This can impact a child’s ability to learn and grow. The video mentioned that the United States underinvests in children which I believe is true, especially for children who live in poverty. The United States is so heavily influenced by consumerism, money, and greed. There needs to be more investment in children’s education and childcare, medical care for all its citizens and, and other necessities for people to thrive.


    nyay nyay

    The video is pretty obvious that children in our society especially nowadays, lack parental supports and cares. We may all know the reason why. We cannot blame parents for all of these. They are just doing the best as they possibly can as any other parents in the world. Although America is one of the most developed countries in the world, there are other things that haven’t improved. This is because in many other places, mothers have to return to work within one to three months. Many don’t get maternity paid leave. If they don’t return to work what will be the consequences and who will pay for their bills especially if they single parents? All parents want the best for their kids to grow healthy and happy. They do want to have close connections and spend more time with them but the problem is they just don’t have time the way they need.


    Egzona Dedushi

    Its sad to see the lack of support there is for children. its basically making it difficult for us to have a positive and strong future. If we are not supporting the children of today then we are not giving the tools to these children to grow up and become successful. we are limiting our countries futures. there are places in Europe where the government gives support to families, they help families support children. we should actually be focusing on how to help children so they have the ability to change the world for the better.


    Kharyn Benjamin

    It is a sad reality when watching the video. It is crucial to invest in the childhood years of children. The video shows that the US has a high rate of child poverty and shows 70% of children grow up with working family households. Family relationships can benefit a child’s development but when the parent has to work to make ends meet and the child is placed in child care services most of the day it is less beneficial to the child. We need to give tools to help children grow successfully . Placing children in hardships from young can effect the child. If the government can invest more in childhood that can change the education rate of the country and maybe even help decrease the future child poverty rate.



    America claims to be all about family but in America they don’t make it easy for one parent to stay at home with their children while the other parent works. The USA just started paying maternity leave which isn’t much. I feel like the time we get out of work to care for newborn isn’t enough. Most jobs only give you two months before you have to come back in put your child in the arms of a stranger. A new mom should have at least a year off of work to care for there newborn. You send your children to daycare and some daycares don’t properly take care of your children as you would. But society forces us to have to send our children to child care . Then the cost of day care adds on more stress because it’s so expensive. You have to depend on someone else for the early development stages in your child’s life to teach them things a parent should be teaching them. Going back to work takes so much precious time away from your child’s development. Most daycares are over crowded so your child isn’t getting that one on one learning they need. America really don’t make it easy for the working mom. This society under invest in children. America graduates for high school as well as college have dropped because they children don’t learn early enough to be on the level they should be in school so they end up dropping out. America needs to do better to be one of the richest countries.

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