HUS 1203, Fall 2017

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    Jessica Juarez

    Jessica Juarez
    Human Service Seminar
    Prof: Dr. Abdur-Rahman
    I’ve lived in New York City my whole life. I’ve met different kinds of people. I’ve met people who had everything in their hands without having to worry about anything. While others had to work hard in order to get what they wanted. I’ve also met people who had absolutely nothing. Individuals who’ve had a hard time in their lives and couldn’t get up from the situations they were living in. Falling down and getting back is part of our daily lives like in my case. Living in New York City opened my eyes and realized that there are a lot of opportunities for those who take advantage of it. Growing up I had dreams of becoming a teacher but at the same time I wanted to make a difference in people lives.
    When it was time to apply for colleges, I decided to major in education. However, my parents weren’t happy with that decision. They always encouraged me to pursue law but I was never interested. I knew becoming a teacher would get me a decent pay and make a living off it. When I complete my two years of community college, I noticed that my interest in becoming a teacher started fading away. I realize that teaching wasn’t for me after all. I learned that I was interested in helping people out. I wanted to help individuals on a personal level, and not just stand in front of a classroom and teach. After a lot of researching, and sleepless nights, I decided to pursue a degree in human services. This field had everything I was looking for. I would be able to help people and become a positive influence in their lives. After researching more about this field, I knew I would be happy.
    Everyone goes into a profession for different reasons. Whether it’s because they want to help out, a good pay, or they have a personal connection. Out of all the client populations that fall under Human Services, I want to work with the children who’ve been abused. Not only am I passionate about helping children out but also I want to make a difference in their lives. Around the age of 8, I noticed children getting abused by their parents. I always saw it on the news. I want to raise awareness on the issue, and help those who suffer from it. I want to be the person who tells those children, “Hey, you’re not alone. We’ll get through it.”
    A big chunk of the children population goes through this. The need from Human Services in this population is important. Children who suffer from this can become violent toward themselves and others around them. Providing services to this population can ensure safety for those children. It is crucial they receive help because this can have effects on them, as they get older. However, to help a victim of child abuse, they must want to get the help. Treatment cannot be effective if the child doesn’t want to be helped or if the process is rushed. Professionals must be patient with the child because talking about this subject is an experience they don’t want to relive. When being patient, the child will open up, more and more overtime. You see things from their perspective, even when it’s not the best perspective you want to see.
    I would be able to use personal stories that I have heard or have witnessed. I know what those people did in order for the child to have the correct treatment and care. I know what didn’t work during the recovery process. So as a professional strength, I would be able to apply the techniques that I learned in class in order to give them the correct support. Using the correct methods can make a difference in a child’s life and I am confident I will accomplish it.
    My plans after graduating from City Tech are unclear. There are many ways I can go with my degree, but I think I’ll become a child-abuse social worker. Eventually, I will attend graduate school and pursue a master’s degree in Social Work. I’ll attend workshops that are guided towards my field. I’ll definitely keep with my research related with child abuse.
    This field will allow me to help those in need. I want to help individuals become better human beings and hopefully inspire them to do the same for others. I want to be someone that people can talk to and not feel ashamed of opening up. I want them to know that there’s someone who cares about them and wants to help out. I want them to feel important and cared for.



    I agree with you. There is no better feeling the. Helping others and changing their lives. Everyone in this world is important and no matter the race, culture, or color, everyone deserves a second chance.



    I enjoined reading you essay! I am sure you will be able to make a difference.



    I too want to work with a population that experience abuse. That specific group of people need to be heard and with the skills you listed I’m sure children will overcome their hurt.



    Very good essay !

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