HUS 1203, Fall 2017

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  • Akayla's Professional Essay
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    Akayla Beaton

    Akayla Beaton
    HUS 1203

    Born and raised in Brooklyn New York you have a “go getter” personality and that has always stuck with me. I am the youngest in my family so I always felt like I had to prove myself. This went for everything including school and work. Showing my mom that I wasn’t a baby and that I was independent and can do things on my own was my goal. I have been working and going to school since the age of 15. I started working so early because I never wanted to ask anyone for anything I always wanted to be able to get it for myself. School was definitely a main concern, I didn’t overwork myself, everything worked around my school schedule. When graduating high school I knew I wanted to start my college career and get into the human services field. I’m going to fill you in on why I wanted to become a human services worker and what do I take into the field.
    I knew I wanted to go into human service field at the age of 16 when I would see my mom come home and talk about the stressors from work. I found it so interesting because my mom loves her job so it’s not much of a burden. I was intrigued because when one of my mother’s clients would move onto a better step she became so overjoyed and I wanted to feel that same feeling. Knowing that you helped someone get to a higher level in life makes you proud of them and yourself. Being able to be given trust by a person with the person having high expectations of you is satisfying.
    Personally I feel that I am a well-rounded person, I have a little bit of everything that makes a good asset to the human service field. I am a very honest person which is important because all work should be truthful and also be truthful with your clients. Clients expect you to help them so you should fabricate anything dealing with the building of their self-efficacy. I wouldn’t consider myself a neat freak, but I am an organized person. I don’t like to be confused when it comes to paper work. Confusion brings stress in my opinion so I feel bringing this organization into my profession will be beneficial for my clients, my supervisor and myself.
    Growing up in a Guyanese household you are taught not to slack off and get your done. This built in a time management clock in my head. This made me get everything done in a timely manner. In school I would have all my papers finish days before its due date. When it came to work I always arrived at least forty-five minutes before my shift. It became so natural that it still lives with me until this day.
    My target client population is adolescents that are in junior high or high school ages 15-20. That population has always been my main focus. I need to have a lot of patience when dealing with this population because of the fact that adolescents are still trying to find themselves. I can’t get frustrated because they are being rebellious and give up, I have to go on that path with them. I feel there isn’t enough attention given to this specific group so I have they have a voice that hasn’t been heard yet. I want to be that person that there to listen and give guidance. So far in my college career I feel like I developed a sense of empathy which is very important. Understanding the clients’ point of view gives you better clarity to fully understand them.
    In about 5 years from now I see myself moving out of New York completely and residing in the sunshine state of Florida. New York is a very competitive state when it comes to working. I feel like Florida needs more people in the human service field and I am going there to start it up. I see myself getting placed in a school that needs a strong person to help the student population. I love a challenge so I won’t have a problem with being placed in what would be considered a “bad” school. I would just take that as a opportunity to do the best I can to make a impact on those adolescents.
    As seen throughout this essay I have attributes that can help better my career in the human service field. I expect to take this career far and hopefully leave an impact for the better everywhere I go.


    Dr. Abdur-Rahman

    Nice job. I would change the intro so that it begins with the focus of what the paper will be about – your current intro is too broad. Also have someone proof read your essay. There are a few grammar issues that need to be corrected. In addition, write from more of a formal voice in the 3rd person; avoid using “I feel”- it makes your essay informal.

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