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    My visit to Del posto was very educating. While there, I learned that Del Posto wasn’t originally a fine dining restaurant; that they started as a casual restaurant with an ambitious menu. I learned that every person that they hire starts off with an entry-level job so that they can work their way up, familiarize themselves with the different positions available to every employee and the tasks that come with it. I believe that this process helps each and every employee become well-rounded, humble and aids in self development. I can relate the lectures in class to what I learned in this experience because during the trip what I also learned that Fine dining restaurant have a low turnover rate which I recall learning in one of the lectures in class. I also learned that when it comes to opening a restaurant one major thing to consider is the foot traffic. What’s the market like in the area and would one want to build their restaurant there. Also, when it comes to hiring an employee a trait that should be kept in mind would be a person who is naturally hospitable because one thing that stressed in class is hat you cannot teach somebody to be hospitable. Lastly, a very important thing that I observed during my visit that was also mention in class was ensuring that management was in good shape. In order to have Employees confident and consistent with doing their work they need to be provided with the essential tools from management. At Del posto, when we went into the kitchen the young lady Who was the kitchen manager informed us that her job with basically to make the cook and server job a bit simpler by providing the information and tools they need when it comes to food service.

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