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  • Tour of Del Posto
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    Martin Benitez

    This week, for our restaurant management class, Professor Abreu made it possible for us to visit Del Posto and have a tour of this Italian restaurant. Del Posto is a fine dining restaurant located on 85 10th Avenue and also located across Chelsea Market. My first impression upon entering Del Posto, it is well designed and very elegant looking. We had the privilege to have Thomas and Dana talk to us about what goes into the success of Del Posto and give us their perspective about the work they do at Del Posto. Basically the topics we discuss in class was mentioned by Thomas such as what goes into opening up your own restaurant and that you have to consider some things such as location, who do you want your clientele to be, the concept of your restaurant, and so on. At the end of the tour I thought to myself that Del Posto is definitely “the spot” to go to for a special occasion and would definitely dine at this restaurant in the future.

    At Chelsea Market there are many different concepts, but more of quick service, quick casual, and casual. There are a lot of sandwich shops, which is the direction my group and I are going in for the group project and it was interesting because they all served different styles of sandwichs.

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