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  • Del Posto Restaurant Review
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    Victoria Luong

    For our restaurant tour today, we went to Del Posto which is located at 85 10th Avenue. It is also located right across the street from Chelsea Market and the High Line. Del Posto is a beautiful Italian, fine dining restaurant that is open for lunch and dinner. I think that Del Posto is an amazing restaurants for private events, occasions, and romantic evenings. The ambiance inside the restaurant is cool and inviting. A lot of the topics mentioned during the tour relate to our class because a lot of the information discussed are the things we have to think about when we open our own business. We have to also think about wine selection, theme, concept, and etc. Having a successful restaurant is a lot of marketing and training, so I think this tour was a great way to introduce the idea of fine dining. I also think that being in that setting helps put our restaurant concept into a realistic idea. If we are planning to do fine dining we can now imagine how it looks and etc.

    Evan and I stayed and had their 3 course pre-fix meal. It was absolutely delicious and the customer service was outstanding! For the antipasti, I had the lobster caponata, roasted lamb trio for the secondi, and the Torta Tenerina for dolci. I also had the A little bit of Poison for a drink. They had amouse bouche for us and even gave us complimentary desserts. Evan and I had such an exceptional meal; we felt like royalty there. I have a better understanding of why guests pay so much for fine dining, it is not just about the food it is about the experience. Kate, the reservationist/hostess gave us so much information after. She knew that Evan and I were from the program and inputted the extra desserts. She also gave us advice on working in fine dining and gave us some websites to apply to that only post fine dining restaurants. The staff and the environment was unforgettable! This is one of my first memorable New York dining experiences, and I hope to have many more in other renowned restaurants!

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