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  • Del Posto Restaurant Review
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    We went to Del Posto, located on 85 10th Ave, Italian fine dining restaurant. I felt there is all attention on the restaurant, kitchen, floor, decor, furniture and looks like one of the superb New York institution. The design is entirely affected customers emotional response. In terms of the meaning of the fine dining is that they need different things, different staffs and so they have to offer the customers the finest food and service. They establish the distinctly of differentiation and higher quality in their area. I think that the restaurant is the finest New York restaurant, they utter differentiation itself through luxury. I also recognize the designs is simple but still gorgeous its makes a good atmosphere. They consider equipment, it helps to set the mood in the dining. Customer would comfortable with crystal lighting, candle, the music by playing piano and is served with multiple silver, Italian wines with a sommelier. Second-floor tables where overlooking the dining room and various size of private space at the downstairs. They provide atmosphere customers feel special occasion and unforgettable in their elegant event but not only special meals. All their effort offers deeply satisfying because they convey the essential of Italian cuisine. Another thing, the location is good for off from other competitors and even if they would choose suburb area, customers would be willing to go there. Finally, hiring a well-trained staff is also important because customers pay for food and service as a whole. They require a full-time job worker who has more responsibility for it, also has skills and knowledge. They have to be able to answer customers’ questions and provide a recommendation. They train staff as much as need but all matter is about passion and motivation. To succeed the opening the fine dining restaurant needs a lot of effort, time, skills, knowledge, networking and great attention of detail for service and food. The experience provides us to start opening our eyes seriously and consider how much we need responsibility and effort for opening restaurant and helps to our team project.

    Ryoko Yamaguchi

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