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  • Del Posto, is it my Spirit Animal?
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    Meisa Richards

    I think that Del Posto is my spirit animal. Why?

    Imagine, for a minute walking through black honeycombed iron clad doors and emerging into a two story Art Deco inspired dining room, complete with curved wrought iron stair cases, ivory colored bar stools, curved cold and black velvet lounge chairs, black and gold hexagonal honeycomb padded wall paper that match the front doors and a seamless endless array of crystal stemware that sparkled against the romanticism of candle light. It was dreamy and seductive. Who is making business deals in a place like this? All one really wants to do is stare in awe.

    I can see why people spend thousands of dollars on one of the four private rooms in the restaurant, which is 60% of their business Why they walk through and look at the 45 million dollars of glass encased wine, located on the lower level of the restaurant and spend 10 million dollars annually on wine alone. Del Posto’s aim and goal as explained by our gracious hosts, tour guides and executive directors Thomas and Dana is to “elevate Italian food from more than just red sauce.”

    The kitchen was the size of a mid sized New York two bedroom apartment. According to Thomas and Dana, kitchens that size are very rare. Dana explained that although its great for all chefs to have their station and can execute food without being on top of each other, it is a problem when it comes to delivering the food to the customer, because the extra time it takes to walk the food out of the kitchen, through the dining room and to the customer is the length of half a New York City block. This must be frustrating. Thomas and Dana explained that there are pro’s and con’s to everything and that when beginning to open a restaurant one must do a lot of research and start small. Becoming a huge restaurant is very difficult and becoming the level of Del Posto is very difficult so begin with a small food stand and move on from there.

    Arriving at Del Posto I noticed that it was located near the river, but when entering the restaurant I noticed that none of the windows were open so that one could look at the beautiful scenery, it was rather dark and I noticed that the restaurant appears to cater towards more of an after work crowd than a lunch crowd. The restaurant hours are from 11:30 -2 P.M. then 5 P.M – 11 P.M. Being that the restaurant appears to be so dimly lit and cozy I’m wondering why they would even open for lunch at all. I ask this because, we were told that most of the restaurant sales are derived from private dining and wine.

    Although, I cannot afford Del Posto , I am glad that I at least saw a glimpse into a world of luxury and fine dining that I would have never been able to see had it not been for this field trip.

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