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  • Del Posto
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    Courtney Sivillo

    As a class, we visited the fine-dining restaurant called Del Posto. This is an Italian restaurant, in which excels in the theme of elegance and luxury. Each room consists of brownish and cream colors, which allows the lighting to reflect off these colors greatly. The tables have white linens that the employees were actually being ironed as well when we were there. The kitchen has a variety of stations within the small space, but the manager says they were very lucky to have gained such a space like they have for a place in the city. It was interesting to see that they tape down parchment paper onto each working station as well. Del Posto also have event spaces downstairs from them, where they have three rooms that can fit anywhere from twenty people to one-hundred and fifty people depending on the room and the occasion. They also provide off-site catering too. One item that I found to be great was that when they hire new employees, they don’t encourage seniority. For instance, if you’re experience in cooking or being a server, you will still start from the bottom as shining glasses. They do this so that all employees understand what it is like to be working from the bottom and moving up. Overall. I think Del Posto, as a whole holds an extremely professional setting and a different outlook on the hospitality industry than other restaurants that I have dined in or worked in.

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